‘Star Wars:Rogue Planet’ – Chapter 35

Well, it was back to work today at Wendy’s and what a return to work it was.  I had a different manager than I’m used to today and it was VERY frustrating!!  I was about three seconds away from walking out on Wendy’s today and telling the manager that was on duty that if he wanted another person to scream at, then he needs to find someone else because this is only a summer job for me.  We got slammed today at lunch as we usually do.  The problem is that no one told anyone what their official duties are.  No one even told me to go onto the grill, I just made the assumption.  We had several moments were there were no sandwich makers to be found and my personal favorite, we kept running out on our 99 cent crispy chicken sandwiches which are the most popular sandwich in the store!  No one was ever put on chicken counts and the manager kept screaming at everyone else when we were running out of them and no one there knew how to drop chicken other than him.  Interesting complex.  Here’s another favorite situation.  We ran out of grilled chicken and the front sandwich maker and myself yelled back to carry-out to drop grilled because we had one for waiting (which means a customer is waiting on one).  After the third time of saying it, the carry-out people finally dropped chicken.  This poor customer waited for over fifteen minutes for her sandwich.  If that had been my mom, this store manager would have had a new hole ripped in his “you know what”!  Luckily, this lady was just too nice.

Okay, so frustrating day at work.  Came home and vented to Heather about work and we started to get ready to go to a spaghetti dinner fundraiser.  My district decided to have a fundraiser for the victims of the flood, which was cool and gave me the opportunity to give back to the victims without having to really open up a checkbook and not be sure how I could help.  So, we went and ate dinner for a family of five and helped by getting involved in auctions and raffles and all the proceeds went to the victims of the flood here in Binghamton.  What made me like this idea is that it went to the victims within the school district, particularly staff.  So, we went, met some fellow teachers, had fun, and started to come home.  Then Heather decided she wanted to stop off and get ice-cream, so we stopped at Suzie-Q’s and I had “s’mores” ice cream again.  I think I may have found a new favorite.  We came home and I went downstairs and continued to work on the Helm’s Deep set.  I’m convinced that it will be done by Friday night so I can work on painting figures over the weekend and have the ability to start a game next weekend or the week after at the latest.

Okay, so onto our discussion of Chapter 35 of “Star Wars:Rogue Planet” by Greg Bears…..

Chapter 35:  Anakin, Obi-Wan, Jabitha, and Gann reache the top of their long ascent.  Anakin noticed the beauty all around under the thick overlay of Boras.  The air was full of rich smells, but had an earthy undertone.  Jabitha said that father just made a rule last year saying the Boras had to hide what was in production.  The seeds started to shiver and shutter and Gann noticed that they didn’t have much time.  Anakin felt like two people, one who had been here before, and a strange boy from far away.  He used his Jedi discipline to compose himself.  Forgers approached riding carapods which looked like giant red, black, and green insects.  Jabitha let Anakin know that some of the carapods were machines Gann told them that he would leave them here with the forgers who would prepare the seeds and take them to the Jentari.  Jabitha and Gann both descended down the mountainside.  Obi-Wan is impatient of ceremony and being passed around like a hat.  Anakin said he is excited and afraid and Obi-Wan said that the seeds are probably strong with midiclorians but not as strong as his padawan.  Anakin noticed that Obi-Wan was distracted.  That’s when Obi-Wan told his padawan taht Vergere left a message within the subconscious of these seeds.  The message has said that she left Zonoma Sekot to search a bigger mystery.  The lead forger told them to climb on board as they were getting late.  Anakin and Obi-Wan got ont he carapods.  As they climbed they noted many carapods milling about doing busy work.  Anakin listened to his seeds and they said they would be beautiful beyond compare that’s when Anakin realized they didn’t know what they were about to become.


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