‘Star Wars:Rogue Planet’ – Chapter 29

Well, today was another typical day for the Crissman’s.  As typical as I guess they come.  Heather and I got up around eight this morning and turned the power off to Ruth’s room and put in the ceiling fan.  It looks really nice in the room and then we continued to clean up Ruth’s room.  Overall, I think she will come home to a great looking room and will be really excited to see it.  I came downstairs and worked some more on the Helm’s Deep set.  I’m determined that it will be complete by the end of the weekend if not the beginning of next week.  It’s really starting to come together and will truly be an amazing sight once it’s all done as well.  I promise, I will put up some picures of the final product right here on the blog.

I went to work around noon.  We had our usual lunch rush and then things died-off around 2 p.m. and then I was bored to tears for the next two hours at work.  I was so bored, I learned how to work the fryers for making nuggets, strips, and fries and how to drop crispy chicken.  I even learned how to filter the fryers just out of sheer boredom.  It’s scary, but there’s not much I don’t know how to do in the store at this point.  I’m not trying to brag, and honestly, I don’t know everything.  But this job is already starting to get old and I’m only finishing my second week.  But that’s okay, next week Monday and Tuesday I won’t be working to participate in a curriculum workshop at school.  That makes me excited as I really want to help get a curriculum going for general music at my school district.  I must be the only one excited about curriculum development.  I just like the idea that with a curriculum, my district can finally acknowledge that music is part of a good, honest education in America.

Anyway, I came home, worked on cleaning up the driveway from the mess Heather and I made putting up the retainng wall and then got to putting dinner together.  Ironically, I went out and grilled hot dogs (just one step short of grilling burgers) and made french fries.  It was almost like being at Wendy’s all over again.  After that, I cleaned up after dinner, called and talked to Heather about a few things.  We even contemplated going to the midnight showing of the latest “Pirates” movie tonight, but I decided that it wasn’t worth being exhausted over tommorrow.  That, and I’m still disappointed with the movie industry and I’m afraid that I would actually be wasting my money.  Then I went outside, hosed off the driveway, then came inside, cleaned up a little, and went downstairs and worked on the Helm’s Deep set some more.  I managed to finish black coating the bottom part of the mountain and then managed to “brick” three of the seperate pieces.  That means there are only five more pieces to brick and a bottom to paint and then one more piece to put together and paint.  As I finished work on this, I decided to watch a classic Sci-Fi film because it was on the Sci-Fi network.  Of course I’m talking about “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”.  I remember the first time I watched that movie.  I wasn’t very old (I couldn’t have been any older than 5) when our dad took us to “Movies on the lawn” at Xerox.  In Webster, Xerox used to show movies on the lawn (they would set up a huge screen on the back of one of their buildings) and then workers from Xerox could show up with their families and watch a great quality movie for free.  Well, that’s the first time I saw the movie and I remember it was eerlie quiet and to make matters worse, when the kid gets stolen in the movie, there was a really creepy sunset that looked exactly like the sky in that scene.  Alright, enough about my childhood, time to talk Star Wars.  Which I guess also came from my childhood.

Okay, time to talk about Chapter 29 of “Star Wars:Rogue Planet” by Greg Bears…..

Chapter 29:  The Blood Carver reported tot Seinar as he stood on an observation deck observing the droids.  Daiv had already been to the planet on a spy ship.  Daiv noted that they couldn’t see a lot because of the clouds but saw an ancient volcano in the North.  He said he also saw signs of a battle, scars on the planet’s surface that could have been created by an orbiter.  Seinar asked if they were possible excavation sites, but Daiv said no because of the scorch marks.  He also reported on the factory valley where he saw large pieces being put together.  Seinar revealed that they need to steal a ship for Tarkin.   Seinar then informed Ke Daiv tha there is a well-to-do ship on the “Admiral Korvin” and that Daiv is to go to the planet surface acting as a buyer.  Seinar noted the new deployment of fighter droids in the docking bay and told Daiv that they were to meet in one hour to meet his Sekotan representative.


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