‘Star Wars: Rogue Planet – Chapter 26

Well, either the President got the point from Governor Pataki or he reads my blog.  As of 2:30 this afternoon President George W. Bush officially claimed Broome County along with twelve other counties in New York State, Federal Disaster Areas.  What does this mean?  This means that individuals are now able to apply for grants and low interest rate loans through the Federal Government.   This gives some help to many around here who have seen their houses condemned and homes destroyed.  This restores my faith in the United States government.  I guess I owe the government and apology in a way.  I went off on them in a call of despair yesterday because I was frustrated with the suffering I was seeing around me.  I hate to see fellow Americans suffer needlessly when our government and those in power have the ability to help, but sit on their hands.  The only shame of it is that Hillary will find some way to take credit for it.

Today was an average day around the Crissman household.  I got up around 9 this morning and came downstairs and started to put a layer of paint on my Helm’s Deep set pieces that have not been painted.  The end of this project is so close, I can almost completely picture it.  I promised the kids I would have it done by the time they got home, but I’m not so sure it’s going to get completely finished by that point in time.  All, well, they won’t have to wait long for me to finish it.

I had an interesting day at work.  I started off the shift on the lunch rush and I treated the lunch rush like Friday’s lunch rush (which by the way, was the largest lunch rush in the history of the Front St. Wendy’s) and maybe popped too much meat on the grill all at once.  I backed off after a while and slowed the grill down and started to run a wet grill (this cooks the meat slower).  Then I started to get bored, so others in the line showed me how to drop fries and the next step was learning how to filter the fryers.  Not too hard and basically simple stuff.  Again, it’s all pretty much idiot proof.  Guess I’ll be the one filtering the fryers quite a bit as anyone under the age of 18 can’t do it, and there aren’t many people that I work with that are over the age of 18.  Kind of sad, ain’t it?

Anyway, I came home and Heather had a majority of Ruth’s room done.  She finished the trim and had the wallpaper chair-rail up.  She also had Ruth’s shelf painted and her bed and dresser back in the room.  She saved some of the trim and closet for Ruth to do when she gets home.  Overall, it looks professionally done and I think it looks pretty amazing!  Can’t wait till we get to work on Austin’s Star Wars themed room.  I guess I’ll have to live vicariously through my son.  I know my wife won’t let me paint our room that way.  But maybe the home theater room could have a similar touch sometime in the future.

Watched some T.V. tonight as Heather was at work and worked on my Helm’s Deep set some more.  I have almost all of the black base done on the outer walls, and then I have to “gray” the bricks, and the outer wall will be finished.  Then it will be onto the inner wall and the rocks of the mountain scape.  Still trying to figure out what I want my next project to be.  It may be Edoras, it may be Minas Tirith, it may be Moria.  Who knows, maybe I’ll put a poll on my blog and you all can vote on it.

Okay, time to talk about Chapter 26 of “Cloak of Deception” by Greg Bears…..

Chapter 26:  Kett greeted Seinar as he entered the navigation deck of the “Admiral Korvin”.  As they exited hyperspace, Kett informed Seinar that repairs could be made in transit.  Seinar handed Kett data cards and told him to activate this particular programming in ALL battle droids and that his programming replaces all other programming.  Kett refused saying it was against Trade Federation policy, but Seinar insisted saying he had clearance from Tarkin to do so.  Kett replied that he understood.  The hyperdrive control officer announced reversion.  Seinar was relieved to be out of hyperspace.  Kett said they would not follow orders until told to do so.  Seinar ordered program changes and an orbit of Zenoma Sekot.


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