‘Star Wars:Rogue Planet’ – Chapter 24

Okay, two words can describe the work around the Crissman household today.  Retaining wall.  Heather and I woke up around 11 a.m. (I know that sounds lazy, but remember we were both up until 2 a.m. because she was closing at Wendy’s and I still can’t sleep unless she is home).  I looked at Heather and said, “I think we can finish the retaining wall today if we work hard enough and fast enough.”  I guess these would be famous last words for a man with ambitious needs.  I went outside and we both worked on finishing the digging of earth and removal of stones (I swear we are the Flinstones in this manner) and got the groundwork flattened out for the wall to be laid.  We then came inside to have a quick lunch, get rehydrated and then were off to Wal Mart to get the stones to lay the wall.  We called first, of course, because we weren’t sure if Wal Mart was still under water (something we have learned to do around here since the flooding on Wednesday).  Luckily they weren’t so we were on our way.  We got some incidentals for the house, put some things for Ruth’s room on layaway (still waiting on her gift certificate from Girlscouts to get the room done) and then bought 36 stones.  I didn’t want to buy anymore because I was afraid the car couldn’t handle the weight.  We also managed to get a scale for the bathroom so I can start to monitor my weight loss which is huge for me.  I have already lost five pounds in one week since I left school.  I weighed in at 244 for our school weigh in before we left and I weigh in at 238 and change now.  This makes me happy.  If I manage to continue in this regard I could lose 40 pounds by the end of the summer and start to come in at just under 200.  That would be a huge step for me!

Anyway, we came home and started to lay down edging stones.  As we laid them down we tried to cut one and very unsuccessfully.  Heather didn’t tell me we had to cut one (which I wish I would’ve known) so I didn’t have a chisel or anything to work with.  Anyway, we were miserable at cutting the stone and simply shattered it.  We also noticed that we were going to come up short with bricks.  So, we decided it was dinner time (as it was going on 4:30 by the time we finished), so we ate some tacos for dinner and then decided to go to Lowes to get more bricks (since it’s closer to our home).  Well, the bricks weren’t the same color, so it was on to Wal Mart, AGAIN.  But, before we left Lowes, we got a chisel so we could cut one of the bricks.  Got 18 more bricks, and came home and worked on finishing.  As we did, some neighbors came over and looked at the job and said they were very impressed with how we did.  We finished by 7:30 p.m. and decided it was time to reward ourselves for our hard work, but before we were to leave, Heather wanted to work with her new paint sprayer.  Well, an hour later we still hadn’t gotten it to actually spray paint.  So, we left the house and decided to work with it tommorrow.  We went to “Suzy Q’s” and got some ice-cream to reward ourselves for all our hard work.  Well, we didn’t actually get ice cream, but I got a root beer float and Heather got an ice-cream soda.  We went downstairs and watched “The Pacifier” and then went to bed.

Here are some more pictures of the flooding that were taken on Saturday.  The devastation is starting to become very real!!!  Please email me at robercrissman@musician.org if you are willing to donate clothes, food, or money.  Any help would be greatly appreciated by those who have been devastated.  Thank you.

Okay, so it’s time to talk about Chapter 24 of “Star Wars:Cloak of Deception” by Greg Bears…..

Chapter 24:  Raith Seinar informs Ke Daiv that he has a great respect for the Blood Carvers. Daiv asks Seinar why he has brought him here  and then refused to sit.  Instead he knelt by the table Seinar sat at.  Seinar asks Daiv if his is being treated well aboard the ship.  Ke Daiv turned and noted the E-5 droid that was facing directly at him.  Seinar asks if Daiv believes all he has been told and Daiv retorts that Seinar does not trust him.  Then Seinar reminds hi that his is commander.  Seinar sayas he knows that Daiv has a contract with Tarkin and wishes to know more about it.  Daiv says he does not know more about it.  Daiv also states he does not fear dying.  Seinar says the robot is there in Daiv has been instructed to kill him.  Then the psychological game is played and Seinar  reminds Daiv that he failed in his mission to kill two Jedi.  Seinar sayed that he looked up Ke Daiv in the Blood Carver registration before they left Coruscant and he was listed as a form of probation.  Daiv explained he is unable to discuss it.  Then Seinar reveals that he knows that Ke Daiv raced a Jedi in a garbage pit race and failed to kill both of them.  Then Seinar reveals that Tarken has talked of a future Republic with only humans running the show.  Seinar suggests they could work out an alternate arrangement.


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