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‘Star Wars:Rogue Planet’ – Chapter 54

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Well, today was oppressively hot here in Binghamton and according to the news, it’s only supposed to get worse.  Work was absolutely hot today and I had to take several moments to get hydrated.  I had to get myself back into the groove of work, but it didn’t take long.  We started to distribute the new Vanilla Frosty today.  It seems as though it’s doing very well considering the advertising campaign hasn’t even hit the streets yet.  I got home today and found the kids and Heather downstairs resting and trying to escape the heat.

Tonight’s the night that TJCS hits the airwaves.  I also spent half the evening trying to find out if I have a workshop tommorrow on curriculum mapping.  Luckily I do, as I asked off for the days from Wendy’s and didn’t want to loose the pay.  TJCS should be out tonight by 10 p.m.  After that I have to print out some stuff on our printer and then head to bed.  I’m trying to get to bed early tonight, let’s see if I can make that happen.

 Let’s get to Chapter 54 of “Star Wars:Rogue Planet” by Greg Bears…..

Chapter 54:  Jabitha walked slowly toward the two shadows she could see crouched behind a boulder.  Jabitha called for Anakin with no answer.  The Blood Carver came at her and lifted his arms as Jabitha looked up at him, she saw his blood oozing down his face.  Anakin walked into the overhang and said he tried to control it and asked Jabitha to “stop him.”  They walked toward the Blood Carver and Jabitha wondered if he was dying.  Anakin said he hoped not and said he should not have let loose.  Jabitha told Anakin that he saved them and Anakin said not like this and told the Blood Carver not to die.  Jabitha said she had to find her father and ran towards the ruins.  Ke Daiv kept speaking in his native tongue as Anakin held his arm while he died in front of him.  Anakin got up, turned around, and screamed.


‘Star Wars:Rogue Planet’ – Chapter 53

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We woke up fairly early today and went to the church I grew up in, in Webster, NY.  It was a good service and we were accompanied by a piano which was a really nice change of pace.  We came home and Heather and I took a brief nap as we were still exhausted from chasing three kids around the amusement park yesterday.  My brother and sister-in-law and niece showed up to the house and we had a great time talking and just having some fun.  We talked about everything from the war in the Mid-East to what “Mythbusters” shows we have watched.  It was good to reflect and we celebrated by dad’s birthday as well.  I felt bad that we had to book so soon.  It made me feel like a heal, but we had to get back to Binghamton for work tommorrow.  We decided to stop in Syracuse on our way back and see if I could make it into the “Games Workshop” store before it closed, but evidently the mall closes at 6 p.m. on a Sunday!  All well, so we decided to try “Altered States” which has now under new management and is called “How You Play The Game”.  When I got there, they had NO Lord of the Rings line from Games Workshop.  When I talked to the guys there, they told me they won’t carry the line anymore.  Bummer!  And I liked that little shop.  So, we left Syracuse with a little bit of an empty heart.  We stopped at Wendy’s and tried some new Vanilla Frosty’s and headed home.  We got into Binghamton around eight p.m. and went to get some work and check on my work schedule and came home.  We went downstairs and watched our usual T.V. shows.

Okay, time to talk about Chapter 53 of “Star Wars:Rogue Planet” by Greg Bears…..

Chapter 53:  Shappa noted that the sky-mines were now starting to clear over the Magister’s mountain.  Obi-Wan asked if Anakin was still on the mountain.  Shappa reported that his ship was empty, but felt a disturbance from the pilot.  They both agreed that it was time for a rescue operation.  Shappa said he would do the best he could, but that his ship was not made for defensive maneuvers.  Obi-Wan worried about bringing back Anakin as damaged goods which may be worse than him dying, to the Jedi’s.  Shappa said that the mines are concentrating on the YT-1150, but Obi-Wan said Kwinn was one fo the best pilots in the galaxy.

‘Star Wars:Rogue Planet’ – Chapter 52

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Well, we had quite a day today.  It started off great.  We got on our way to Darien Lake early today and packed with everything we knew we would need.  We had everything mapped out and hoped that everything would go according to plan and it really did go pretty smooth.  We went out 17 to 390 North and then got off at the Mt. Morris/Geneseo exit.  We stopped at the McDonald’s in Mt. Morris.  We found out just how “processed” McDonald’s food is compared to Wendy’s food, but enjoyed the meal the best we could.  We then got on the road and continued on to the park.  We got there and it was a beautiful day!  It was perfect.  Not too hot and not too cold.  We rode a whole bunch of rides like the bumper cars and the pirate ship.  The most exciting part of the day for Austin and Ruth was their very first “big person” roller coaster.  They both rode “The Viper” with me.  They were so excited that they wanted to go right back on the ride again.  I was so proud of both of them and neither of them seemed very scared at all.  They were really great kids all day long.  In the afternoon we decided to head to the water park.  What a disaster that turned out to be.  Everyone decided to go to the waterpark in the afternoon.  “Hook’s Lagoon” was so underridden with kids that we had a really hard time keeping track of our three children.  So, we decided to head over to the wave pool and then to the other water rides in the park.  Well, no matter what we did from this point on, we waited in lines.  We waited forty-five minutes to go on “Grizzly Run” and then waited another forty-five minutes plus to go on the “Log Flume” (although I think it’s called “Thunder Rapids” now.  Anyway, just a lot of lines for everything, but it was still a fun day.  I think the smartest thing we did all day was not to eat any food in the park.  It’s just too expensive to do that in the park.  We didn’t even get anything to drink there.  Instead, we visited the water fountains several times throughout the day.  If we hadn’t handled it that way, we would never have been able to afford to go at all.  The only bad part happened at the end of the day.  Just as we were trying to leave the park, we got slammed with a pretty bad thunder storm.  People went running for shelter and acting like they were going to die.  Not my family!  We took our towels, put them over our head and headed for the car.  We got soaked in the process!  But, we’ve been in a flood, so we weren’t going to let a little rain stop us.  So, we got in the car, got it started and headed out, but because of the rain, so was everyone else and they were all heading for the NYS Thruway like we had planned to do.  So, I had us go south and we end-arounded our way to Attica and then got onto Route 20 and ate at the original “Tom Wahl’s” in Avon.  It was cool because I haven’t done that in a long long time.  We then got to my parents’ house by 10 p.m. and pretty much crashed.

Okay, time to talk about Chapter 52 of “Star Wars:Rogue Planet” by Greg Bears…..

Chapter 52:  Tarkin was amazed at the number of ships the Sekotans had on the planet as he watched the battle aboard the “Rim Merchant Einam”.  Tarkin could only watch as many ships woud pull up alongside his starfighters, catch them in a tractor beam, and slam them into the ground.  Tarkin was happy that the starfighters weren’t getting them, but the sky-mines were.  They watched closely as giant movement in the jungle occurred.  Seinar thought they looked like trap doors but said nothing of this.  Then Tarkin found the Sekotan ship he was looking  for and it appeared abandoned.  Seinar asked if he planned on destroying it.  Tarkin said no and directed all of the sky-mines to chase Kwinn’s YT-1150 instead.  Tarkin said they were to take the Sekotan ship back to Coruscant.

‘Star Wars:Rogue Planet’ – Chapter 51

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Well, today was a completely busy day at work.  We would like to say we got slammed, but I think today was somewhere beyond slammed!  That was the bad news, the good news is that I figured out a way to serve those triples and doubles with the cheese inbetween.  Instead of bringing two burgers over on one spatula, I decided to use two spatulas.  Hey, why not?  I got three on the grill!  It worked great and made my hectic day just a little easier.  I know it’s not a lot to celebrate, but it’s the small wonders in life that keep my day going.  When I got done with work, I met Heather at home and we all went over and ate at Wendy’s for dinner.  I decided to try their new Mountain Cheeseburger.  It was actually pretty good.  Once we were done, the kids and I came home and worked on laundry all night long.  I’m hoping to break out “Star Wars:Battlefront II” for the first time tonight and get a chance to play around on the game.  Josh is supposed to join us tonight, pretty late and I figured he and I would probably talk for a little bit and then head to bed because he has a long, hot day ahead of him tommorrow, too.

Tommorrow we head to Six-Flags Darien Lake.  We’ll be there all day and then head over to my parents’ place in Rochester. We’ll go to church with them on Sunday and then come home Sunday night.  So, I will be incommunicado for he next two days, so don’t expect entries until we get back.  Then on Monday night is the release of TJCS #6 and I hope to get caught up on Blog entries but may not get caught up until later in the week.

Okay, time to talk about Chapter 51 of “Star Wars:Rogue Planet” by Greg Bears…..

Chapter 51:  Jabitha led Anakin and Ke Daiv to where she believed the palace should be.  Anakin sized-up  the situation but determined he could not stop the Blood Carver from killing Jabitha if he so desired.  As Jabitha wondered about her father and the palace workers, Ke Daiv reminded them they were here for fuel, nothing more.  Jabitha was short from air because of the altitude as Anakin spotted a corner of he building.  As they walked toward the building Anakin looked back at his ship and realized they hadn’t even named her yet.  Jabitha then realized that she had been lied to about the palace, then turned to Anakin and said he had seen it.  Daiv got them back on track about fuel and reminded them about the sky-mines that were surely to find their ship or them.  Anakin said to Ke Daiv that they were willing to sacrifice him and wanted to know why.  Daiv explained that he accidentally killed his benefactor’s son with a stray bullett.  They reached the doorway and were about to enter when a sky-mine and a singular droid starfighter in the distance were spotted by Anakin.  As Anakin and Daiv continued to talk, Anakin’s anger began to build-up inside him.  Anakin yelled at the voices to stop and Daiv was offended and called Anakin “slave boy” again.  Anakin continued to fight this inner power as it welled up inside him.  Jabitha turned to see Anakin crouched down and the Blood Carver ready to swing his lance.  Then Anakin raised his hands up and said he could not hold back any more.

‘Star Wars:Rogue Planet’ – Chapter 50

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I got to work at my expected time today and my boss told me about a new process that Wendy’s is using now.  Wendy’s used to put the meat on the bun and put the cheese on top of the meat on a double and if it was a triple, they decided to put the meat on top and the bottom of the bun.  It was a pretty simple process and made the job for the grill guy pretty easy.  Bring over two or three burgers, depending on what was called for.  Well, this is no longer the case.  Wendy’s Corporate has decided that they don’t like that anymore, they want us all to start putting the cheese between the patties.  As simple as this sounds, it’s not an easy task.  Now, when I have a double, I’m supposed to bring the two burgers over, slide the top one off, let the sandwich maker put the cheese on the meat and put the second pattie on top.  Great concept, but obviously some manager somewhere wrote this down but never tried it!  I dropped over twelve patties today to try and make this concept work!  Mind you, before this point I have NEVER dropped a burger.  The hardest part is that I can’t touch anything with my hands because I touch raw meat with my hands and I can’t contaminate the meat.  Well, I tried all sorts of different techniques today and nothing worked!  It was totally frustrating!!  It was a slow day, luckily, so the dropping of the meat really wasn’t a big deal.

It was a very hot and humid day around here so I was exhausted and tired when I came home but got dinner together by myself because Heather had to get to work at four.  I made the kids tacos, refried beans, spanish rice, and watermelon (hey, it’s summer, gotta have that!).  We ate dinner, cleaned up and headed downstairs.  I started to paint some “rocks” for the Helm’s Deep set black for undercoating and we all watched “Big Brother” and “So You Think You Can Dance” and then I switched to the movie “K-9”.  Heather called around nine o’clock and said she would not be able to be home on time tonight because an employee called in.  Well, so much for going to bed with my wife tonight.  She got home around 11:30 and we worked on where we were going to eat between here and Six Flags Darien Lake and decided we would stop at the McDonalds at the Mount Morris exit.  We put our bed back together because Heather had torn our room apart to flea bomb the room again and went to sleep at 1 a.m.  So much for my getting to bed early tonight as well.

Well, time to talk about Chapter 50 of “Star Wars:Rogue Planet” by Greg Bears…..

Chapter 50:  The sky-mines were forcing Shappa’s ship lower and lower in the atmosphere of the planet.  He let Obi-Wan know that the others landed ont he Magister’s mountain as he landed his own ship on a torn up part of the planet.  As they looked out the viewport, Shappa disparaged about the devastation and how the Potentium could let that happen to them.  Obi-Wan asked how far they were from the mountain and where Charza Kwinn was.  Shappa said one hundred kilometers and Kwinn’s ship shot below the clouds as they did.  Obi-Wan all the sudden felt that Anakin was at a crossroads and the next hours would decide is fate.  Obi-Wan closed his eyes and listened to Qui-Gon’s voice one more time.  The voice told him that The Force had failed him.  It allowed his master to die and now may let his apprentice die.  Then Obi-Wan remembered that the future is yet to happen.

‘Star Wars:Rogue Planet’ – Chapter 49

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Well, I went to my workshop today and really started to work on my blackboard site for my classroom.  I put in a background on myself and put up some info that both parents and students could read.  It was actually pretty fun to put together and it was great to be able to work on it.  So just click on Mr. C’s Class and check it out and let me know what you all think and if you have any suggestions.  It was a fun workshop and it was nice to get paid $20 an hour to do it.  The irony is that I made more money doing these six hours of a workshop than I’ll earn all week at Wendy’s.  Anyway, I got done with the workshop and got together with the other teachers that are writing curriculum with me and we agreed to finish writing the curriculum next week on August 1st and 2nd and I only thought it was fair that the other General Music teacher at my school be involved.  So, I called her and offered to have my wife watch her kids so that we could go to the workshop together.

Kids and I at dinner fairly early tonight and got to cleaning up and then had some Ice Cream at Suzy Q’s as a treat.  When we came home, I headed downstairs and started to finish painting my miniatures.  Once I finish that, all I have to do is create and paint some obscure rocks and the Helm’s deep set will be totally complete.  I PROMISE I will get it up on the Internet soon.

I did some final editing tonight and TJCS #6 is finally complete, so it WILL be out on time.  I’m pretty psyched about this episode.  It’s kind of a flashback to the originals that I did say in Episodes two and three.  More me and less interviews.  I know some people don’t like that, but those are the kind of shows I enjoy doing.  The next show will have plenty of interviews.  I’m trying to line them up and let’s see what happens.

Okay, let’s talk about Chapter 49 of “Star Wars:Rogue Planet” by Greg Bears…..

Chapter 49:  Anakin brought his craft into a large arc around the mountain as he and Ke Daiv searched for a landing platform.  Daiv asked if it was a trick but Anakin pointed out that he already tried to and failed.  Jabitha asked if they were at the palace and looked for herself.  She couldn’t find the palace but saw part of the mountain destroyed and said that was new.  Anakin pointed out that she hadn’t been there since the attack and she said she was not permitted to discuss that.  Anakin noted it was hit by laser cannon fire and Jabitha almost reveals a secret but stops herself short.  They then spotted the sky-mines being dropped.  Anakin insisted they land somewhere and Jabitha pointed to a group of ruined buildings and started to cry wondering where her father was.

‘Star Wars:Rogue Planet’ – Chapter 48

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Okay, today was a rough day simply because I had to wake up early enough to go to my Blackboard workshop.  I went to bed at one and woke up at seven.  Wow, should’ve planned that one out better.  Well, I went to the workshop today and found it very informative.  I even got a workbook about how to use Blackboard so that I can walk away now and do some work on my own.  I just recently found out that my district plans on using Blackboard to replace Learning Village.  I’m glad they’re taking this step because I find Blackboard much easier since this is the program I used for Master’s School.  I got a pretty good start on my page today and look forward to getting some serious work done on it tommorrow when I will get the full three hours to work on my page.

I got home and Heather and I took a nap together.  It was cool to finally be at home together at the same time.  That really hasn’t happened since last week early in the week when both of us haven’t been totally drained.  We got out of our nap and then played some board games with the kids before Heather had to go to work.  It was outrageously humid today and it’s only supposed to get worse.  Heather and I talked about how we are going to get to Darien Lake.  Mapquest told her to take I-81 to I-90 to I-390 to Darien Lake.  I told Heather it would be quicker to take Route 17, and sure enough it is.  So, that’s the route we’re going to take on Saturday.  Heather then headed to work and I ate dinner with the kids and then went downstairs and did some more miniature painting while I watched my typical shows.

Time to talk about Chapter 48 of “Star Wars:Rogue Planet” by Greg Bears…..

Chapter 48:  Shappa pushed his ship and started to gain ground against Anakin’s.  Charzwa Kwinn was behind them with many Sekotan ships to follow.  Shappa recognized Republic mine-layers ahead and he wondered if Obi-Wan knew anything of this and Obi-Wan did not.  Then Shappa said it was all no matter as it was the will of the Potentium.  Obi-Wan asked if the original magister was given Jedi training and Shappa said yes, but could not reveal his name.  Obi-Wan began to reflect on the Potentium that he had been instructed on.  Those Jedi believed that all Jedi were inherently good and their Force did not need guidance or training.  Obi-Wan also remembered that those  that believed in the Potentium had left or were forced out.  Then Obi-Wan remembered a young apprentice that left and renounced his training.  He asked Shappa if the first Magister was Leor Hal and Shappa said it was.  Then Shappa revealed that Hal recruited among the Ferroans because they were believers in basic goodness.  Then he revealed that the heir to Hal insisted on teaching the Far Outsiders about the Potentium and the he also shunned Vergere when she arrived and helped them build weapons for protection.  Obi-Wan suggested that the Magister is dead and that the palace may be empty.  Shappa became angry and said it was not true and that he would help rescue the boy, but that they would have to leave afterwards.  Then they saw sky-mines being dropped ahead.