‘Star Wars:Rogue Planet’ – Chapter 20

Well, I got up a little later today and headed to work.  I watched a video on how to work the grill, worked with a guy named Brandon for a little while, and next thing I knew I was running the grill while we were in the middle of the lunch rush.  It got hectic, but I think I handled it well.  I do think my diet concept is going to work though.  Working with all of this ground beef and all of these hamburgers makes me think twice about getting a hamburger anytime soon.  Especially when I realized how much grease was on the grill while I was cooking those burgers.  Yeah, this idea might work.

I got home tonight and decided to start to organize my Star Wars Kenner toys.  Well, what I thought would take only an hour or so, turned into three and a half hours worth of work, and I’m STILL not done with them.  Oi!  I didn’t think that displaying a collection of toys would be this hard.  I may have to bow to Marjorie and Arnie to see if they have any suggestions for displaying these figures, because right now it just lookes like a bunch of figures.  Well, after three hours, I was exhausted and headed to bed.  Heather worked late again tonight.  It started to rain tonight what seems like almost non-stop.  I’m worried about the river just outside our house and whether the river can handle all the rain.  I figure it’s gotta stop at some time.  The good news is that there is no leaks in my roof and now leaks in the basement.  Thank you Lord for watching over my house and my family.

Okay, time to talk about Chapter 20 Of “Star Wars:Rogue Planet” by Greg Bears…..

Chapter 20:  Anakin asks Obi-Wan shy they don’t just ask about Vergere.  Obi-Wan says they must be patient and perpare to meet the Magister.  As they ride to the training facility that morning, Anakin says he feels at home here.  Obi-Wan says he fears tht the smeills in the air have some carcinogenic affect on humans.  Anakin says he enjoys the smells.  Obi-Wan asks Anakin what else he feels and that he needs to compare Anakin’s feelings to his own.  Anakin went to sit and noticed the chair was alive.  Obi-Wan noted that the material they use to build with is called lamina and that the buildings and everything in them are alive.  Anakin began to question how the lamina stays alive and Obi-Wan interupts him and Anakin reveals he feels a large unity.  Obi-Wan reveals that all the lamina is completely symbiotic but that he felt something outside of just the two of them.  Anakin says he can sense the colonists and the newcomer, but does not sense Vergere.  Obi-Wan agreed that she’s gone then pointed out to Anakin that the chair was feeding off the floor.  They talk about being ready the next morning for thier host and Anakin says he’s excited.  Obi-Wan was wary about the connection Anakin had with Sekot and was concerned that he didn’t understand either


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