‘Star Wars:Rogue Planet’ – Chapter 18

Well, we got up at a decent hour this morning and went to Uncle Mike’s church.  Very nice service and a good sermon that kept my attention (which is hard to do for some pastor’s).  We then went back to my brother’s house after we stopped off at their local farmer’s market to try and find some fresh corn, but that ended up being a bust.  That’s okay, it just meant the ladies had to got to “Tops Friendly Markets” to get some corn on the cob.  Got to my brother’s house and changed clothes and then put up a tent in their back yard to eat under.  Which answers a valuable question.  How many Crissman’s does it take to put up a tent?  Well, the answer is three men, two women and about four children.  Eh, the family will get that joke!  Anyway, we had a great barbecue that my brother prepared.  He had some great sauces yet again, including a white barbecue chicken sauce and an awesome strawberry lemonde homemade concoction he made (which by the way Mike, I still need the recipe for) that tasted just like a Strawberry Julius.  After dinner we decided to celebrate my birthday and Heather’s birthday.  Heather got a gift card to Wal Mart and I got “Star Wars Battlefront II” and a partiotic t-shirt.  I also got from my wife an 18V drill, new screw-driver set, and a new socket set.  I was very happy with all of it.  A good mix of buisness and toys.  Just the way I like it.  We also managed to pick up from my parents’ house some of my Star Wars Kenner toys from when I was younger.  I got as many as I could into a 20″ T.V. box and managed to get the box into the back of the car.  I hope to get it all home and display them all with some stands and what-not.  We’ll see what happens.  Anyway, we left Rochester from Mike’s house, went to my parent’s house to pickup the dog and then got on the Thruway and headed home.  We stopped at the mall in Syracuse quick to go to the bathroom and get some water for our dog, Clifford.  When we came out to the parking lot, we had some lady scolding us, saying we were being cruel to our dog because he was in the car by himself.  Yet, we cracked the windows on the car and didn’t leave him alone for more than ten minutes.  This lady was absolutely psycho and needed to get a life.  We then got on the road again and headed home.  We came in the house and literally dumped everything down and dropped off the dog, and then decided to go to Wal Mart.  We got all sorts of stuff there.  We got a fertilizer spreader, fertilizer, grass seed, plants, clothes, some movies (2 for 5 bin), a tackle box for all of my Star Wars Miniatures and much more.  We stopped at Taco Bell and ate some late food, came home and dumped all of that stuff again, and organized a little before being exhausted and heading to bed.

Okay, time to talk about Chapter 18 of “Star Wars:Rogue Planet” by Greg Bears…..

Chapter 18:  Seinar has been given the rank of commander and his four ships were about to enter hyperspace.  Seinar had convinced himself that this would be a harrowing mission, but that he would somehow come out on top because of his competitive nature.  At no point in preparing to leave did Seinar have time to make back-up plans.   Seinar was wearing an Old Trade Federation defense officer uniform with black, grey and red coloring.  Seinar gave Captain Kett the order to enter hyperspace once all coordinates were aligned.  As they entered hyperspace, Kett estimated it would take three days to arrive on Zenoma Sekot.  Seinar ordered more drills and a rundown on every officer within that time frame.  Seinar exited the forward observation deck.


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