‘Star Wars:Rogue Planet’ – Chapter 15

Well, my day at work was very successful, but our day at home was a botched mess.  I got everything packed up in my room except for my computer (need to have some sanity tommorrow morning for the two hours I have to wait for my check).  So, tommorrow morning I’ll pack up my computer, do some personal work (Star Wars projects and what not) and then go to my staff meeting, pack stuff up and head out to Rochester.  I can’t wait!  it’s so lame that I’m looking this forward to leaving the Binghamton area!  It’s almost like I’m a caged animal or something!  Gesh!  Anyway, Heather had a more eventful day at home.  We had our septic pump guy come to the house at about eight o’clock this morning to pump out our tank.  When he looked at what we thought was the cap on our septic tank, he informed us that it was not the cap to the tank but the cap to our dry well.  I had no idea what that was until today.  Anyway, he couldn’t find our septic tank after poking our backyard for a half hour with a big stick.  His suggestion was to call “Roto Router”.  So, Heather took the next step and got “Roto Router” to come to the house.  He stuck his little camera down the pipe (dad, it was kinda like the one they probably used on your kidney {nudge, nudge, wink wink LOL}) and found out where out tank was.  So, we found the septic tank and have a big rock over where it was supposed to be.  The good news?  We think that he found the back up in the water and solved the problem.  He saw no problem with the levels in the septic and said we may be able to go another year or two without needing to pump it out.  Especially if we continue to use Rid-X.  So, the plan is to wait to have it pumped out.  The bad news?  Well, we had to pay “Roto Router” $250 to get the diagnosis.  That is the cost of having the tank pumped out to begin with.  All well, you win some and you loose some.

Tonight we took the kids out as a reward for having such a great year at school.  We went to Chuck E. Cheese and had a blast.  I’m proud to say that my high score on the “Sega Star Wars” game is still the top score under the name “ICEMAN”.  I don’t know why I’m proud of it, and I feel like George from “Seinfeld” being proud of his Frogger score in the show, but I’m proud of my score.  Anyway, the kids had a blast and then we went to WalMart to get some more hose for Heather so that she can reach the garden with the hose now and got some various assundries of other “things”.  Then we went to Suzie Q’s and came home.  Ruth and I played the “Star Wars Miniatures” game and had a blast.  She almost beat me till I cornered her at the last minute and managed to win the game in the last round of fighting.

Okay, so I have to be honest with all of you.  I probably won’t be able to blog over the weekend (unless I can convince Josh to let me use his computer on Friday and my brother to use his computer on Sunday).  My parents still live in the 20th century (well, maybe even 18th century because they don’t even have cable) and don’t have an Internet connection.  In some ways I like it because I get away from all my “interconnectivity” and distractions.  In other ways, I feel cut-off from the world.  So, this blog will probably be down for a few days, but I’ll back-blog when I get back.  Hey, you all know me and you all know I’ll catch back up.

Okay, time to talk about Chapter 15 of “Star Wars:Rogue Planet” by Greg Bears…..

Chapter 15:  Raith Seinar entered the observation deck of his big flagship, the “Admiral Korvin”.  Seinar noticed that none of the craft on the ship were his and he was stuck with E-5 droids.  Seinar reveals to Tarkin that he does not believe in droids as fighters.  Tarkin tells him that these droids can think independently.  Tarkin says that Zenoma Sekot shoud be a pushover, so Seinar should have more than enough of a force to control the planet.  Tarkin informed Seinar that this was the best he could do considering that the Trade Federation’s army was being handed over to the Republic.  Seinar informed Tarkin that he was concerned about whether he would be successful or not and whether it would affect his reputation.  Tarkin informs Seinar that he will not be going, but staying  on Coruscant to deal with the political fallout.  Captain Kett entered the bridge and let them know that they would be leaving in twenty minutes.  Seinar insists on escorting Tarkin to the transport deck.


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