‘Star Wars:Rogue Planet’ – Chapter 14

Well, today was a much more productive day without students around.  I had most of the morning to work out closing my room out for the end of the year.  My room is REALLY close to being ready to be shut down.  I did get a chance to meet with the High School sound/lighting guru and he wanted to help me maximize what we have in our auditorium.  I really liked being able to bend his ear and talk to him about ideas.  It was really cool and he had some great ideas for the auditorium that (I hope) will help to maximize the sound and lights.  Good ideas and quick fixes and it seems they’ll all work.  I then went over to a retired teacher’s house for lunch and had a great time for lunch.  She has a great house and a wonderful view and just had a good time socializing with fellow teachers and even some people I’ve never met before.  I know it would’ve made Heather nervous, but I’ve never seemed to have a problem socializing with people I’ve never met before.  I guess I get that from my dad.

I came back from lunch, talked to the other general music teacher for a little bit and about what needed to get done before the end of the year and then I started to put equipment away.  I came close to being done and expect I’ll finish within an hour tommorrow morning.  This will give me some time to work on some “Jedi Babies” script and also notes for the next TJCS and the backstory for “Catch a Falling Star”.  I came home to my kids coming home from their last day of school and we got a chance to socialize a little, eat dinner, and then watch some T.V. shows tonight.  My kids watched “Lilo and Stitch” tonight and I started doing an impersonation of Stitch and my kids thought it was awesome.  Now they want me to write Stitch into an episode of “Jedi Babies”.  We’ll see what happens, maybe it will happen.

Okay, time to talk about Chapter 14 of “Star Wars:Rogue Planet” by Greg Bears…..

Chapter 14:  Charza puts his ship in orbit over Zenoma Sekot.  Obi-Wan reveals, while packing his bags, that he has a significant amount of money with him.  Obi-Wan says that there is a rumor that this much money will buy a Sekotan ship.  Obi-Wan hands the money to Anakin and tells him to guard this money.  Zenoma Sekot is a strange looking planet from space.  It ahs mixtures of greens and whites.  Anakin tried to come to an internal peace and realized that he missed Padme and his mother, Shmi.  Obi-Wan returned saying that Charza’s new younglings were ready to run parts of the ship.  Anakin reveals that he feels that they’re going to face trouble on the planet.  They check to see if the planet has okayed their landing.


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