‘Star Wars:Rogue Planet’ – Chapter 12

Well, only two days left of school with students and I still very much felt under the gun.  I had people asking me to test and set up the sound system.  I had others asking me to take classes from the other teacher because her sub couldn’t make it to school to cover all of the classes that she had in time.  AND, I had to try and start packing up my room in amongst all this stuff.  That was just completely outrageous for a second to last day of school.  The good news is that I didn’t have to break up any fights at school today and the lunch hour was relatively calm.  Heather took me into work today since her car is out of commission until Friday, which isn’t a big deal, except for today.  She had to get back to work right after work today (or so I was told before she left for work) so I scrambled to get out of school on time today so that I could meet her.  Well, she ended up being later than on days that she is normally picking me up and I went outside to try to meet her so that we could get going right away.  Well, I waited in a downpour of rain.  Then, on top of it, my wife pulls into the school parking lot, goes racing past me (I even kicked the fender on the car but she didn’t hear me), raced into the school before I could even get her attention.  All well, found out that she didn’t have to go back to work after all.  So, we headed to Vestal.

We had to get Austin’s glasses fixed, so we went to WalMart and got it done.  While we were there, we celebrated Heather’s 30th birthday by going to a new restaurant here called Moes.  Ultimately, this restaurant reminded us of Del Taco.  We went there only because we couldn’t afford to go to Number 5 here in Binghamton, so this was a better, cheaper alternative.  The kids loved the restaurant, and I honestly was full after one burrito there.  Not bad, it used to be that three or four would do it for me.  I attribute that to me eating less overall and trying to lose weight.  I was able to become part of a weight loss group for the summer today and found out that my weight is now down to 246.  That’s down from 254 about two months ago.  It’s only a little but I’m celebrating any weight loss that I can manage to have.  I have always had a problem with my weight and I’m going to continue to work on this.  I’m hoping to get down close to 200 by the end of the summer.  I figure if I can do that, then I may be able to get down to 160 or so by next summer.  I’m going to try and I keep telling myself I can do it.  I just need to have faith.

Okay, onto my discussion of Chapter 12 of “Star Wars:Rogue Planet” by Greg Bears…..

Chapter 12:  Anakin and Obi-Wan are sitting down and eating.  Anakin reveals that he is uneasy around Charza.  They go down the “live” halls of the ship to meet with Charza.  Charza brings the ship out of hyperspace and pints out the planet to Anakin.  As they do so, several of Charza’s “edible” critters become attached to Anakin because they sense it’s safe.  Charza says he released Vergere near the northern pole on the planet.  Charza reveals they are on the edge of the galaxy, even Space Pirates don’t like it here.  Obi-Wan syas the fringe worlds are comforting to him.  Charza showed them a picture of Zenoma Sekot that Vergere sent before Charza was out of range on his last trip here.  They saw a beautiful world full of nature.  The trees, which really weren’t trees but Boras, were hundreds of meters tall.  Charza said he followe Vergere’s orders and left.  He revealed that there were six ships in orbit before he left.  Charza thinks that she is still alive but not well and senses mishap and adventure ahead for Obi-Wan and Anakin.


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