‘Star Wars:Rogue Planet’ – Chapter 9

Hey, it’s Friday!  The only thing that would have made today better were if it were payday as well.  I continued to give finals today and was inspired by many of my classes.  It’s always great to see where my students started when they walked into my room and where they are when they leave my room.  Many of my students may huge advances in what they can do and understand.  Especially my eighth graders and their ability to play the keyboard two-handed.  I just love seeing them become better musicians.  It’s very inspiring.  I had the awards ceremony for the choir members today.  I handed out certificates and pins that say “chorus” on them for the students to have for their leterman jackets in high school.  I also gave out “chorus” tins to the officers of the choir for helping me, especially toward the end of the year.  We all had a great time!  We watched “The Phantom of the Opera” movie and ate pizza and chips and drank soda while we did so.  You know, all the great things a growing teen needs and a soon to be thirty year old doesn’t need.

Got home today and found out that Heather has to be at work at 6 p.m. tonight instead of 7, as a favor to her boss.  I understand this and all, but I wish we sometimes had advanced notice on these things.  I had a chance to do some more work on my Helm’s Deep set tonight, and I actually “bricked” the last piece.  I am now down to painting the set.  I’m really excited about it and I have plans on taking pictures of it tommorrow night for all of you to see.  I just think it’s fun and exciting to see it all put together.  I got the confirmation tonight that tommorrow I will be doing a three-way discussion with Jeff Roney and Robbie Chastain for RoneyZone Radio.  It will be great and this will be my first interview on the other side of things.  I have done several interviews where I was the host, but it’s a little different being on the other side.  I think I like both sides of the interview process now.

Okay, onto Chapter 9 of “Star Wars:Rogue Planet” by Greg Bears……

Chapter 9:  Tarkin tells Raith he’s been waiting for this opportunity for years.  Tarkin pours wine for celebration.  Seinar is not enjoying the presence of the Blood Carver.  Seinr asked Tarkin to introduce him to the Blood Carver.  His name was Ke Daiv and he was a former member of an assassination corps. that did some work for the Trade Federation against the Jedi.  Tarkin said that Ke Daiv failed once against the Jedi, Daiv says he’ll be successful if given the opportunity.  Tarkin gets a call on his comlink and finds out that the ship they’re tracking has left Coruscant and that the tracker is communicating with the unit perfectly.  Tarkin mentioned that if they find the planet that makes ships rated zero point four, then he would become Governor of said planet and Seinar would be in charge of ship yards.  TArkin said he couldn’t join him because he needed to take care of affairs on Coruscant.  He also said he was nervous as they could loose the ship over the next few days while it is in hyperspace.  Seinar is told he’ll be put in charge of a small contingency of droids, ships, and troops formerly of the Trad Federation.  Droids now have independent brains and aren’t controlled by a central computer.  He also informed him that the Blood Carver, Ke Daiv, is going along as well and would report directly to Tarkin.  Seinar has days to prepare.  He also points out that Ke Daiv fails his first mission to kill a Jedi, yet gets a promotion.  Tarkin informs him that Daiv is not officially part of his crew and to stop asking questions.


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