‘Star Wars:Rogue Planet’ – Chapter 8

Today was a day for final exams with my students.  Some of my students took it seriously and I think I may see some 100’s this quarter.  But, there were those few students who just blew the exam off like they do every quarter.  I had a student finish the exam in a record five minutes.  Can’t wait to see what that final’s gonna look like!  I’m sure there will be a profound essay in that one!  Well, I accepted a job with the Vestal Marching Band today.  I had some staff members at my school that were happy for me and some were not so happy.  They wanted to know why I just didn’t work with the band I used to work with.  My answer is simple, I’m trying to help out a friend that could use some staff members as he makes the transition to director.  I don’t know why some people feel that I have to ask permission in order to work for a marching band.  It is a decision that I have to make and no one else can make it for me.

Had a chance today to listen to Chronoradio #27 for the second time and I plan on recording some audio comments for Nathan to use either on Friday or Saturday for CR #28.  I have also been contacted by Jeff Roney for an upcoming episode for RoneyZone Radio where he wants to talk about the topic of Star Wars and whether the franchise is dead or not.  Evidently Robbie Chastain and I are going to be guests on the same show.  This is all cool and I never thought I would be involved in all of these people all at once.  I have found it fun and enjoyable and everyone has made me feel at home, which has really been great!

Okay, it’s time to talk about Chapter 8 of “Star Wars:Rogue Planet” by Greg Bears……

Chapter 8:  Charza Kwinn, Obi-Wan, and Anakin in boots headed to the pilot house in the starboard nacelle.  Charza said he heard that Anakin had a scale from a garbage worm.  Charza says he enjoys watching garbage pits races because it’s so opposite from what his species acts like.  Charza gets applause from the other smaller creatures on the ship.  Then Charza revealed that everyone of the smaller creatures on the ship are sustinance to him.  Anakin begins to realize that everyone on the ship is part of a circle of operation and life of the ship.  The YT-1150 pulled away from the docks to head to hyperspace.  Charza called his ship a “good ship” as they did so.


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