‘Star Wars:Rogue Planet’ – Chapter 6

There is only one word to explain today:  PAIN!!!!  I had a horrible start to the day today.  I went to take a shower this morning and evidently my wife had been cleaning the shower, forgot to rinse off the cleaner and took out the shower mat in the bottom of the shower.  Well, me being half awake, turned on the water and went to step into the shower and slipped.  I fell out of the shower forwards, tore down the shower curtain and rod and hit my head on the toilet seat.  One word for how all of that felt.  OWWWEEEE!!!  Man did that hurt.  I may be feeling the pain for that over the next couple of days and I have a fairly decent size goose egg on the back of my head too.  I got up, felt like an ass, and continued to get ready for the day (after berating the wife who came running when she heard the thump on the floor).  I was in pain through most of the work day today.  Luckily the kids were mostly finishing up workbook work before we get them ready for finals.

Today the chorus awards for the end of the year came in, so I quickly organized and put those together.  I also spent most of the night tonight putting together certificates for each student.  I also worked on recording a CD to use for the final using Audacity.  Gotta love being able to record with the computer and altering anything that I record.  I think I’m just beginning to learn more about the stuff that Audacity can do.  I have vowed that I will learn more about this program over the summer when I have time to explore.  I’m hoping to get back to recording portions of “Jedi Babies” this weekend.  I have been a little bummed as the “Galactic Senate” message boards has been down for the past few days and I can’t check my messages there.  Bummer.

Okay, onto Chapter 6 of “Star Wars:Rogue Planet” by Greg Bears……

Chapter 6:  Charza Kwinn, a maul Priapulin, greeted them (Anakin and Obi-Wan) at the door.  he welcomed them to his ship, the “Star Sea Flower”.  As they walked through the ship they noticed all sorts of little creatures.  Charza told them they depart in an hour and took them to thier quarters, where waterproof footwear awaited them.  Anakin again asked where they were going.  This time, Obi-Wan revealed that there is a world where people are fabled to make unique starships.  The name of the world is Zenoma Sekot.  The planet was thought to be a fable till Vergere reported she found a thick-jungled world that she thought was Zenoma Sekot.  Obi-Wan and Anakin talk about the great spymaster that Charza would be.


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