‘Star Wars:Rogue Planet’ – Chapter 5

Well, it was back to school this Monday.  Yet again!  I can’t believe the end of the school year has not come yet.  I know a few weeks ago I said the end of the year came so quick, but now it seems like the last week is just dragging on.  Any other teachers feel like this?  Anyway, we had another SMASH concert today and it actually ended up being two concerts in one as the Head Start people asked us to do two performances for two sets of students/classes.  And how could we say no?  They were cute little kids, so we made the executive decision to go ahead and do it.  We got back to school just in time for me to eat lunch and then work lunch duty.  Hey, we had a lunch duty with no fights, so that was a good sign.  Hopefully I didn’t jynx us for the next week.  Anyway, the rest of my classes went as expected for the rest of the day.  I came home and searched around the second propery to see if we misplaced the buckets that were “stolen” but I still didn’t find them, so they really did get stolen.  Man that still blows my mind.  Heather helped Ruthie “gut” her room.  We got rid of everything in her room including her bed.  Why?  Well, Ruthie’s room is about to go through a makeover in the next week.  She’s going from blue to pink with a flowery boarder.  There will be no doubt that it will be a girl room when we’re done.  While Heather did that I came downstairs and played some more PS2 and finished “bricking” my Helm’s Deep set and I’m now waiting for painting.  Heather came downstairs and we watched “Hell’s Kitchen” together and I called “Altered States”.  Actually, it’s not “Altered States” anymore, they are now known as “How You Play the Game”.  Anyway, I called them because I was concerned that they didn’t have the “Lord of the Rings” miniatures line in their lisiting of products.  And sure enough, they aren’t carrying the “Lord of the Rings” line anymore.  SO, I called Millenium (since I’ll be in Rochester in about two weeks) and they told me that they have a ton of the “Lord of the Rings” line.  So, I may have to make Millenium my new place to shop for “Lord of the Rings” miniatures.  Either that, or I actually go to the “Games Workshop” store in Syracuse and potentially pay full price.  Eh, such is life.

Okay, so time to talk about Chapter 5 of “Star Wars:Rogue Planet” by Greg Bears…..

Chapter 5:  Thracia Cho Leem accompanies Obi-Wan and Anakin to a transport, admonishing about Vergere.  She hands Obi-Wan a data card and tells hi that Charza Kwinn has the password.  As they lift off, Anakin asks if Obi-Wan wanted this mission.  He states that he does what the Council wishes of him.  Anakin asks where Obi-Wan goes when he meditates.  He states that he returns to the simple things.  Anakin says he has trouble meditating because his thoughts explode.  Anakin noticed a strange looking ship they were docking with.  Once docked, Obi-Wan noticed a strange, natural water smell.


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