‘Star Wars:Rogue Planet’ – Chapter 1 (Part 3)

Well, today can be summed up in one word – SMASH!!  I got to school today and realized that I had one class to teach because of us running a backwards schedule.  I finished giving a keyboard test to my one class, which was the first period of the day.  Then I had two periods off and then I had a few students for two other classes.  Basically two students for one class and two students for another class. They were the sixth graders that didn’t go on the class trip.  We hit lunchtime and then I met with the students for SMASH and we went to one of the elementary schools and performed.  We had the kids really entertained and they simply loved the way we used all sorts of garbage to make percussion sounds with.  They just thought it was great.  I got back to my classroom pretty much in time to pack up my stuff.  The good news that I went back and re-edited my interview with Nathan Butler most of the morning, so I am now half-way done with the editing again and should get the editing done this weekend so I can release that interview on time.

I got home and Heather and I had some time to catch up on the day and ate a small snack and took a quick 15 minute nap together.  Heather wanted to go to JoAnn Fabrics because she wants to make some slip covers for the couches we have for the house (they were free, but were chewed on by a puppy from the last couple that owned the couches).  So, she took me to a second SMASH performance, went to JoAnn’s and came back in time for the performance.  We performed for an audience that was VERY rude.  They talked through our performance and they acted like we weren’t even there.  I don’t expect audiences to ever be perfect, but at least shut your yap while a performance is going on.  And I don’t think we’re that boring mind you!  Anyway, Heather and I decided to head to Wegmans to pick some stuff up.  We picked up some “Snapple” brand tea bags.  Yeah, they make “Snapple” brand tea bags for hot tea.  But we’re going to cheat and put it through my home-brew iced tea pot and see what it tastes like.  I think it will be awesome.  Anyway, we picked up the latest “Star Wars Insider” and got some Ice-Cream.  We also decided to look at some reading glasses as I lost the last ones I had from the eye doctor.  We found ones that were exactly the same as my prescription for only eight bucks!  At the eye-doctors it would’ve cost me over $100 with the prescription and the exam.  Cool, money saved.

We decided to stop at Taco Bell on the way home and grab some food since we really hadn’t had any food for dinner.  When we got home, the kids got in their jamas and headed to bed.  Heather and I grabbed our food and went downstairs to watch “So You Think You Can Dance” and eat some dinner.  We watched them widdle it down to the top twenty contestants and then watched the movie “Senseless”.  We finished watching the movie and then headed to bed.

Time to talk about the last part of Chapter 1 of “Star Wars:Rogue Planet” by Greg Bears…..

Chapter 1 (Part 3):  Anakin admired the beauty around hi as he flew from in otrial to ion trail.  Then Anakin saw a plasma sphere and knew that if he touched it, he was fried.  Anakin jumped down through the next level with the Blood Carver following.  Anakin also noticed a gun carriage and all the empty cannisters that popped out.  These gun carriages were used to discourage the garbage worms from eating at structural supports.  Anakin ignored everything else as he focused on the rhythm of the blasts, cannisters, and sheilds before him.  Anakin was hit from behind by the Blood Carver.  He began to fall with the Blood Carver in pursuit.  Anakin hit the froth the worms were living in and was brought to consciousness instantly.  The worms started to move and Anakin could barely see.  The Blood Carver circled overhead and attempted a second blow which Anakin managed to duck.  Anakin began to wonder why the Blood Carver was after him.  Anakin began to unclip his wings to try and use them as a weapon.  The Blood Carver began to swoop down again.  When Anakin realized the Blood Carver was about to make the same mistake he did.  Obi-Wan swooped down from out of nowhere.  His lightsaber was drawn and with two swings, the Blood Carver’s wings turned into timber.  The Blood Carver fell as a fiery ball into the methane meters away.  Obi-Wan realized he no longer had enough fuel to propel both Anakin and himself to safety.  So, they decide to combine fuel to give them a chance.  Obi-Wan focused on not sinking in the foam as Anakin poured in the fuel.  Anakin promises never to do this again and Obi-Wan tells him to save it for the Council.  The worms begin to move into position to try and eat the two of them.  As Obi-Wan lifted off, Anakin managed to grab a scale off the worm.  As they got to the first shield, he soon realized that the wings weren’t in control.  Anakin was, using The Force to levitate them.  Obi-Wan had never felt a greater connection to The Force, not even through Yoda.


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