‘Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter’ – Chapter 37

Got to get blog out…. Okay, I am extremely tired from today.  I am still realing from yesterday and now Heather having worked till two this morning.  I was exhausted all day today and managed to get back on my feet in the afternoon.

This morning Heather and I got up and went to church as we always do.  We then came home, finished up the potato salad and headed to our church picnic.  The kids and I all had fun.  We played football with the pastor, the pastor’s son, my friend Jim, and a church member.  We ate some great picnic food (hamburgs and hotdogs) and then had to leave a little early.  It rained the whole time but we still managed to have fun.  Heather and I came home and tried to have what we called a nap.  Well, our nap turned into us sleeping for an hour and a half.  Woops!!  Anyway, we got up, had a light dinner with the kids, gave them a bath and they went to bed.  Heather and I went downstairs and proceeded to watch our typical line-up of shows.  Tommorrow will be busy again because I have a “Visual Communicator” workshop I have to go to (the last one for this workshop) and I won’t get out until 6 p.m.  Which means I won’t be home till 6:30 and won’t eat dinner until after 7 p.m.  Ah, the life of a teacher…..

Okay, time to talk about the last chapter of “Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter” by Michael Reaves.  Chapter 37…..

Chapter 37:  Obi-Wan returns to the Temple and is aksed to report to Master Qui-Gon immediately.  When he arrives, Qui-Gon informs him that the Trade Federation has blockaded the Naboo and they are ambassadors.  They needed to leave immediately.  Obi-Wan tells Qui-Gon that Bondara and Assant were both dead.  Qui-Gon told him he would have to report to the council via hologram on their way to Naboo.  Pavan woke to a nightmare about Darth Maul.  Then he realized he was in a hotel room.  He had been told by Palpatine that the holocron made it’s way to the Jedi Temple and the assassin was captured.  He had been given a chance to either stay on Coruscant or go to an Outer Rim world.  The bank charge alligations had been lost.  he was also promised a stipend to live on.  Pavan got up, got dressed and decided to go outside.  When the door opened, there stood the Sith Lord.  Maul activated his lightsaber as Pavan came at peace with his inevitable death.  His last thought was the hope that his son Jax would become a Jedi Knight.  Then we switch to Darth Maul’s view.  He drew his lightsaber and cut Pavan in two.  Satisfied his mission was complete.


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