‘Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter’ – Chapter 35

Today it seemed like I got a lot of work done.  Students and I had a worth while lesson that worked as we got through the next two tracks on “The Lord of the Rings:  Fellowship of the Ring” soundtrack and reviewed the music.  As one of my students said today, “you’ve solidified yourself in the world of “Lord of the Rings” geekdom!”  Okay, so I’ll agree with that statement.  Anyway, on one of my free periods today I managed to get half of “Springboard #1” edited.  Unfortunately, there is a strange humming noise on the background of the recording.  I’ve checked everything and have come to one conclusion.  For whatever reason, Nathan Butler and I must’ve had a bad connection on the phone which led to this weird noise.  It’s not horrible, but it’s not going to be as high a quality as all of my other episodes.  I feel bad, but I’ll work with what I have.

Heather has to work late into tommorrow morning again.  So here we go with not being able to sleep again tonight!  I plan on doing some more editing tonight and hopefully getting back to building my “Helm’s Deep” set.  Tommorrow I’ll be marching in a parade for the first time in years!  I was asked to march with the Binghamton Marching Band by the current director because they’re filling ranks with past and present staff and band members.  It’s cool and should be fun.  I just got the music today and I hope I get a chance to memorize it before we hit the streets tommorrow at 11 a.m.

Well, time to talk about Chapter 35 of “Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter” by Michael Reaves…..

Chapter 35:  Tuden Sal loaded I-Five on his ship and lifted off.  Sal decided that he was going to wipe I-Five’s memory clean and use him for a personal body guard.  Sal’s ship flew right past the Jedi Temple.  We switch to Darth Maul docking on the space station.  Maul made his way down a tunnel in zero-g gravity to meet with Sidious to give him the holocron.  Now we follow Pavan as he lands on the same space station.  As Pavan went on, he realized the blaster he had only had a few shots left.  Lorn entered the corridor in zero-g gravity as well.  then he looked down and realized that he either had one shot at full strength or three shots on the stun setting.  He decided he was going to use the latter.  Then Pavan spotted the Sith at the other end of the hall.  Lorn pulled his blaster, readied himself, and fired.


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