‘Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter’ – Chapter 33

One word for today.  BUSY!!  I came back from being gone on Friday and Tuesday from my classroom and I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s better to be in the classroom than outside of it.  I’m really ticked off at my substitute.  He took my LOTR:FOTR Special Edition movie out of the DVD player and managed to actually scratch it.  At least that’s what the students told me.  When I got it home tonight, it played fine in my DVD player at home.  Which means one thing.  The DVD player that is in the library at school is a piece of crap and is skipping on DVD movies.  Guess I gotta go back to using the PS2 in school again.  What a pain in the butt!!  Anyway, I was baried in work today.  Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork.  The band director today realized with me that we hadn’t addressed the issue of awards for eighth graders for their last year here at East for choir or for band.  So, I had to panic this morning and get that stuff ordered and make sure it gets back here on time.  I also ordered some rewards for the officers of the choir because they did such a great job helping me out getting the choir ready for the concert.  I also spent over half the day grading the papers that students did (or were supposed to do) on the days I was gone.

Had SMASH rehearsal tonight and then scrambled to get home, eat dinner and then finish so I could finish editing TJCS #5.  Well, it got out on time tonight.  I even managed to get it out a few hours early.  So, “The Jedi Council Speaks” Volume I, Episode #5 is NOW available.  Take a listen at Podomatic.  I think it will interest you all.  Thanks for all that wrote in for comments, emails, and MP3’s.  It is always appreciated.

Okay, onto Chapter 33 of “Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter” by Michael Reaves…..

Chapter 33:  We start with Lorn Pavan waking up out of his slumber.  He asks I-Five where they are and how did they get there.  Pavan looked and saw the building where they got trapped.  I-Five deduces he has short-term memory loss.  I-Five tells him they must move fast as the authorities could arrive soon and hopefully Tuden Sal would soon as well. Then Pavan realized – Darsha!  I-Five tells him the details of Darsha’s death and about what happened.  He explained that they survived the fire because carbonite was so dense.  They both assume that Maul died in the explosion as well.  While talking, I-Five’s communicator beeps.  I-Five knows this means Tuden Sal has arrived.  Sal lowers his canopied black skycar and tells the two of them that he’s not sure what they’ve gotten themselves into.  I-Five says ti’s a wise choice, less he can be indicted for.  As the craft lifted off, I-Five and Pavan saw a black robed figure leaving the burning building.  Lorn got enhancers and identified the figure as the Sith.  Lorn also saw the Sith holding the holocron.  Pavan asks Tuden Sal to track the Sith from a great distance.  We switch back to Maul’s point of view.  He hils a taxi to take him back to thwer his ship was hidden.  Maul watched for followers.  We switch back to Lorn, I-Five, and Sal following the cab.  The Sith gets out, heads to a rooftop, and vanishes into thin air!  Tuden Sal assumes he’s using some sort of cloaking device.  Horn was torn.  The Sith knew he was dead and wouldn’t come after him anymore, but he also got away with murdering Darsha.  Pavan turned to Sal and said, “we need a ship”.  Sal asked to where, and Pavan responded – “wherever the Sith goes”.


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