‘Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter’ – Chapter 26

A busy and productive Wednesday.  I got into work a little late today.  I usually do on Wednesday’s because Heather gets home so late on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning and I don’t sleep very well until she gets home that I lose sleep that night and get up a little later.  So, into work late, and I had to rush around to get stuff ready.  Not only did I have to scramble to get stuff together for the trip, but I realized this morning that I need to get things together for the subs on Friday and Tuesday.  This sent me into a little bit of a panic.  So, I had a ton of copies and plans to make to get things ready on that end.  Again, the feeling of just being overwhelmed just seems to continue.

Heather had a busy day at home as well.  She got most of the garden planted and was successful at getting most of our plants outside.  I’m so excited to be able to say that I can make my own garden and that I have my own piece of “Tarah” (you know, from “Gone With The Wind”).  Then the guy from Hoyle Audio came and made an estimate on the old T.V.  Sure enough, it’s going to cost $500 to fix the T.V.  So, we’re going to have it fixed sometime before the end of the summer and then try to sell the T.V. and get some money back and then some to put some of that money towards the other T.V.  We also had Time Warner show up today and tell me absolutely nothing about my HDMI problem.  First the guy tried to tell me  I had the wrong cable, then admitted he had no idea what I was talking about, then had them reset he computer at the main station in Vestal, and miraculously it worked!  Then Rent Way showed up with a new chair for the broken one we have been paying on.  Well, it wasn’t the chair we wanted, so they’re loaning us the current chair till they can get us the one we want.  Shortly after this point, I headed to SMASH rehearsal.  I came home and watched T.V. with my wife, including “American Idol”.

I want to be the first person to say congratulations to Taylor Hicks for having won “American Idol”.  The “Silver Fox” really was a great singer all the way through the competition.  I’m not sure if Idol will ever be the same ever again without the “Soul Patrol”.  Great job Taylor and congratulations.

Okay, onto why you’re all here.  Time to talk about Chapter 26 of “Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter” by Michael Reaves…..

Chapter 26:  Obi-Wan enters the Tusken Oasis and soon feels through The Force tat some disturbance occured here not too long ago.  He noticed he was being watched as he approached the bartender.  Obi-Wan sensed the bartender and two Rodians readying weapons trained on him.  Obi-Wan soon lept to the ground and activated his lightsaber.  He cut through the blaster under and bar and Force-pushed another blaster out of a Rodian’s hands while he deflected the other Rodian’s shot.  That’s when Dal Perhi stepped forward and stopped the fight.  Perhi informs Obi-Wan that they were making sure he wasn’t  an agent of the Black Sun.  Perhi took Obi-Wan to Yanth the Hutt’s dead body.  Obi-Wan noted the unique burn on Yanth’s body that only a lightsaber could make.  He tried to make a connection with Yanth through The Force, but couldn’t tell how he died.  Obi-Wan asked Perhi if there were any witnesses and he said no.  Obi-Wan decides to leave the Tusken Oasis.  As Obi-Wan walked down the street, he contemplated two theories about what has happened to Darsha.  He decided to head to the address of a block of cubicles he had been given.  Obi-Wan found out that Hath Monchar died in those cubicles, but he still had many questions that needed to be answered.


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