‘Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter’ – Chapter 25

Today was another busy day.  My head is still spinning from all of the things I need to do at work and at home.  At work I needed to finish getting together materials for both field trips I have coming in the next week.  I’m really nervous knowing the choir trip is only a week away.  I don’t know why, I’ve gone all over the place with my marching band, but I think it’s because I don’t know these kids as well as I knew my marching band kids.  Our band director asked me to partake in a Bi-Centenial parade next Saturday and I decided that I would.  My marching band at Binghamton wants to put together an all-star marching band with all the previous staff and students they can find.  Josh, if you’re reading this, you’re more than welcome to come down and partake of this parade.  I’m sure the marching band kids would love it.  Just let me know via email or phone.  Today I feverishly worked on getting midterms done so that I could make the cutoff for those to be in.  I just feel like I have the world on my shoulders.  I have a substitute down the hall that needs my help (rightfully so), a MYP coordinator that needs a “unit” from me and asked me yesterday to get that to her and needs it by Friday, work at lunch hour, getting the choir ready for the trip, helping the band director with his trip, and getting my students ready for finals in my classes, plus SMASH is getting ready for our big spring concerts.  Whew, need I say more?  I have a lot on my plate and somewhere in there, I need ot remember to pee every now and again.

After some issues with the house again, Heather and I discovered that the septic tank for our house has not been emptied in over eight years (found some paperwork documenting it).  I thought we had plumbing problems when in reality, the septic probably just needs to be drained.  Well, there is yet another expense that we did not expect in the next month or so.  We’ll have to make a call tommorrow to find out how much it’s going to cost.

Tonight I worked frantically to try and get TJCS #5 back on track.  It is looking up.  I actually have the Intro, In The Bag, and Twileek Talk segments already recorded.  I hope to have Hovering Rocks, not to be Confused with Rolling Stones and Cantina News segments completed by tommorrow.  Which means I only have to record the bi-monthly question and the interviews with my cast for “Jedi Babies” and then the next episode will be ready.  Well, sort of.  I will still have a MASSIVE amount of editing to do after that.  That’s the part I’m worried about is the editing.

Okay, so onto our discussion of Chapter 25 of “Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter” by Michael Reaves…..

Chapter 25:  Assant, Pavan, and I-Five continue to run as fast as they can away from the Taozin.  Darsha stayed behind and started to tear apart the bridge at the behest of I-Five.  Darsha began to fight the Taozin so well that she felt at one with The Force.  We then switch to Maul who is watching his three prey with their back’s toward him and facing a giant creature in front of them.  Maul recognized the creature as a Taozin.  He tried to probe the Taozin with The Force, to no avail.  But it revealed his presence to the Taozin that tried to throw webbing at him.  We then switch back to Darsha, Lorn, and I-Five who are continuing to execute thier plan on the bridge.  Darsha joins Pavan and I-Five as they cut the last strand, hang on to it, and fall down the chasm, past the Taozin’s tail.  As they fall, Maul curses them.  Their arc takes them to the other side of the chasm and run into the wall.  Now all they had to do was climb the webbing.  We then switch to Maul who has decided to continue acrossed the weakened bridge.  The Taozin continued to attack and Maul had to cut the other bridge supports to sent the Taozin to the bottom of the chasm.  Maul had to climb back onto the side of the chasm from which he came.  This made Maul upset.  He know he would have to go back to to the surface and track his prey again.


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