‘Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter’ – Chapter 24

Well, it was a busy Monday.  But it wasn’t a Monday before a big concert which made it an almost average Monday.  I worked on more information on our trip for next Tuesday when I arrived at work today.  Man, it’s making me panic that it’s a week away from tommorrow and considering I have a field trip on Friday and a three day weekend because of Memorial Day, I have three days to get my stuff together.  I still have to organize T-Shirts, contact parent/chaperones, and finnish collecting Emergency Contact forms from students.  In other words, there is a lot to do yet.  Classes went well today and things were normal for a school day.  I got home and the kids were excited as always to see me at the bus stop.  Heather and I went and took a half hour nap (still realing from this weekend and the lack of sleep we have had).  We then got up and helped Tara finnish cleaning her room and then got dinner together.  Heather showed me the cupcakes she picked up for her class tommorrow since her birthday is tommorrow.  Man, I can’t believe the girl is nine years old already.  It just blows my mind!  Anyway, we ate dinner and got interupted by the UPS man.  He showed up with a package for the previous owner.  Worse yet, he walked up, banged on the door, left the package and didn’t give us a chance to give it back to him and let us tell him it’s not ours.  Heather found the previous owners phone number on the box and called her and agreed to drop the box off to her trailer in the trailer park.  When Heather got there, she told Heather that this place they were living in was going to have to do until they could get a chance to get another money together to buy the house back.  That’s when I looked at Heather and said WHAT??!! (she narrated the story to me).  So, we have decided that we don’t want to see her anywhere near our house again!  After that, I had a great opportunity to have a conversation and interview with Nathan Butler tonight.  It was a really pleasurable experience and I think Nathan and I have a lot more in common than even we thought.  It was a good conversation and a great interview.  We even brainstormed a new title for the segment.  I have decided not to title the series “Spotlight” as Jeff Roney already has a “Spotlight” segment on Roney Zone Radio.  So, Nathan and I (more Nathan than me) brainstormed the name “Springboard”,  so I’m going to run with it.  So, the first highlight for the “Springboard” series will be “Echoes”, Nathan’s Podcast Novel.  That segment is slated to come out in mid-June (if editing goes well).  After we got done, Heather and I went downstairs and worked on class work/sewing and watched our evening shows.

Time to talk about “Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter” by Michael Reaves Chapter 24…..

Chapter 24:  Maul was now close to catching his prey.  He followed with cautious eagerness.  Maul was probed by the weaker Padawan, but he continued to follow his prey.  Maul probed ahead of them and found an emptiness in The Force that seemed odd.  At that point Pavan and Assant were running at him.  Maul was impressed with their bravery.  We then switch to Darsha, I-Five, and Pavan’s view.  They have run into a creature that is massive and seems partially transparent.  Darsha couldn’t sense the existence of the creature at all.  They attacked the creature but only made it upset and Darsha began to realize that the creature built the bridge they were on.  Pavan started to ponder the creature as he thought he recognized it, and that’s wehn he realized that it was a supposedly extinct creature called a “Taozin”.  Darsha tried attacking the creature with her lightsaber, but it had no effect on the creatures exterior skin.  They decided to retreat away from the Taozin and toward the Sith, deflecting the Taozin’s sticky spit-like fluid on the way.


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