‘Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter’ – Chapter 23

Well, I’m exhausted today again!  It’s just so hard for me to go to bed at a normal time when my wife works so late.  Not to mention, last night she got up three or four times and went upstairs, and everytime she did, I woke up too.  We both took two naps today and I felt guilty that we took a nap while my parents were still here.  I hope Heather changes this schedule again sometime soon, because I don’t know if I could handle this schedule all summer long.

Ruth had a great birthday today.  She got some Barbies and then she got some play horses and a barn to go with them.  I found out with the catalog that came with them that we’re entering a whole new world with toy horses.  Who knew!  She also got some really cute clothes and books from Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Mike, Aunt Trish, and Cousin Katie.  I know Ruth was really appreciative of everything she got.

We had several flavored pork steaks for dinner.  We uses salad dressings (Italian, Honey Mustard, and Ranch). I used a different one.  I used a sample of Wendy’s Chipotle Ranch and man was that good!  I would use it as a flavoring for pork steaks again if I had the chance to do it!  Anyway, we had a homemade cake by my wife.  It was white with Peanut Butter frosting.  It was amazing!  It was cool and tasted amazing!  My parents left shortly after that and Heather and I took another short nap.  Then we spent some time with the kids, finnished mowing the lawn and popping weeds.  Then we went to Survivor Kid’s Club for a special Sunday night worship.  We came home, the kids went to bed and Heather and I watched our normal T.V. shows and went to bed.  I look forward to tommorrow as it should be a “back to normal” week.  I never thought I would say that I look forward to that.

Onto Chapter 23 of “Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter” Chapter 23…..

Chapter 23:  They cross the bridge and while doing so, speculate why it is here and why it isn’t built any better.  They begin talking about how I-Five and Pavan met each other.  We find out I-Five used to be a protocol droid for a family with rich children.  Lorn bought him from that family.  We also learn that something in Pavan’s past has caused him to hate the Jedi.  We find out that I-Five is independent because Pavan gave him an A.I. cognitive ship and created an independent conscience.  He needed a new partner to his previous employers let him down.  The previous employers were the Jedi.  Then Assant reflects on her childhood and remembers a boy who joined the Jedi Temple and his father, a Temple Employee, agreed to leave, although she doesn’t know why.  Assant believes that Pavan is that child.  Then Assant reaches out with The Force to look for Maul and lets Pavan and I-Five know he’s right behind them.  They found out why the C’Thons didn’t follow them!


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