‘Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter’ – Chapter 20

Well, I told all of you it was inevitable.  I fell drastically behind in my blog posts this week and just never got caught up.  There was just too much going on both in my personal life and my professional life to have the time to catch up.  I don’t even have the time to back-blog and make sure that I catch up that way.  SO, tonight I will update you on my life and continue on.  I expect to be back on track by later this week.  Say, anytime after Tuesday of this coming week.  Here is a day to day recap of this past week:


Tuesday was an especially busy day.  I went to work and began to prepare for the week.  There was eighth grade math testing today, so I had no 1st period class today.  Instead I took the time to finnish setting up the cords for the microphones for the concert.  I haven’t yet figured out who is going to operate the mics while the choir is singing if I’m on stage conducting.  Ah well, it will work itself out somehow.  I may have to ask one of my tech crew members from the musical.  Anyway, I had our first choir rehearsal today.  The students generally know their notes, but we need to work on other things like dynamics and some of the harmonizations.  I have decided that we will have to use folders for the concert, which I don’t see as a necesarily bad thing.  I have personally come to grips with the reality that I will probably have to conduct the concert.  I’m still scared about it and I know the kids sense my fear.  All I can do is my best.  Anyway, Heather came and picked me up.  We went home and found out that my new T.V. should be coming in this week and we also found out my MP3 player should be showing up later this week.  Seems as though things are looking up, including the fact that our car is in the shop getting our transmission fixed.


Wednesday was also very busy.  My sixth graders went on a field trip so I had two classes where I didn’t have students.  It was actually kind of nice as it gave me the ability to finnish setting up the sound system for the concert and testing it.  We had another choir rehearsal today and it went okay.  One of the songs for the concert is not really ready to be performed.  It may need to be cut from the concert reportoire.  I would rather do a few songs well than do a lot of songs just okay.  We tried to go over how to get on and off the stage, but several of the members were missing.  We’ll see just how that is going to go on Monday, hopefully with everyone there.  Anyway, the day went okay the rest of the day.  I couldn’t wait to get home to have my new T.V. delivered.  Good thing Heather and I bought the extended warranty on the old one as we are now getting a 62″ DLP Mitsubishi T.V.  It is absolutely beautiful!  It has amazing picture clarity and I was very impressed with what I can see on this T.V.  I’m hoping to start watching the Star Wars movies on it sometime in the near future.  I got a chance to talk to Josh tonight on the phone.  Unfortunately, I think it was me talking and more of Josh listening.  Sorry Josh 😦 .  Next time tell me just to shut up.  It was nice to talk to Josh as we have not talked in months and I feel awful about not doing it.  We talked for about an hour and then Josh had to eat dinner with Jo.  Sorry for taking him for so long Jo.  I feel disconnected with Josh at this point.  Well, we’ll have to make a trip to Rochester soon so I can spend some time with him.  We spent the rest of the night doing our usual, watching T.V. and working on projects.  It took me half the night just to get my programmable remote to work with the new T.V.  That’s the only thing I hate about having gone through all of this equipment.  Gotta keep reprogramming the remote control.  Anyway, we also found out that my chair is still under warranty and Rent Way will replace it for no extra cost.  Problem solved.  Heather and I need to just get over there and pick out a new one.  Hopefully we can do that later this week.


Thursday was not as busy.  At least for me.  Heather started working for “Hillside Garden Center” today delivering flowers.  I couldn’t hold rehearsal because band and orchestra were having some of their last rehearsals for the concert today.  The day was a normal one at best.  I had a chance to work on TJCS #5 and got the “Intro” segment recorded and started working on notes for the “In The Bag” segment.  I’m hoping to have that done and recorded by tommorrow.  I should have time in the morning to do this as my eighth graders won’t be in school (class trip).  I should also be able to finnish up setting up the stage for the concert next week tommorrow.  One of my techs from the musical has agreed to run the sound for the choir while I’m on stage.  At least that is one less thing I will have to worry about.  Heather and I were able to pick up the car from the transmission place tonight, but got concerned because the battery light was on.  SO, we went to Sears, bought a Die Hard and put it in.  Battery light was still on.  Of course I know this meant only one thing.  We needed a new alernator.  Ah, here we go again with the car struggles.  Well, ge got the car home without losing the juice which made me happy.  I got home and found my new MP3 player in the mail.  It’s totally cool.  It is a 1GB flash drive with MP3 playback ability as well as an FM tuner.  It’s pretty cool and of course, the first two things to go on there were some Star Wars online shows (SW Action News, ChronoRadio, and SWAB) as well as some of the Star Wars soundtracks.  They sound great on my new MP3 Player.  Of course I couldn’t play long as I had to get to SMASH that night.  SMASH rehearsal went well and I came home in time for my wife and I to watch CSI (which was totally awesome) and then watch our tape of Survivor.  We then went to bed.


Today was as I expected.  We took the Escort over to BHM to have it checked out.  Heather was hoping the “dumby” switch simply got stuck on in the car, but I know better.  I had few classes all morning long, so I had the ability to work on TJCS #5 “In The Bag” segment.  I also finnnished some work on the “Jedi Babies” script and figure I’ll come home tonight and start recording a little with the kids to see how it goes.  Choir rehearsal was rough at best.  The choir really struggles without the eighth graders being around.  I guess that says a lot about the eighth graders and how good of singers they are.  They do a lot to support the group.  Heather gave me a call in the early afternoon and told me that they had to put a new alternater in the car.  Imagine that!  Sometimes I think she just doesn’t like to listen to me.  To save some money, they were willing to put in a used alternator.  That will buy us some time until I can install a new one myself.  We went and picked up the car and came home.  We all went to Wendy’s to eat dinner ( a perk with my wife working there) and came home.  The kids played outside till it was dark and I took the girls downstairs and recorded their lines for “Jedi Babies”.  They did a great job and were real sports about it all!  Austin couldn’t handle it all just yet, so we decided to continue recording with him tommorrow.  I then watched “House of Wax” tonight and am currently watching “Batman Begins” while I’m currently blogging.  I’ll let you know what I think later.Okay, onto my talk about Chapter 20 of “Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter” by Michael Reaves…..


Chapter 20:  We start by following Obi-Wan as he landed a skycar in the Crimson Corridor.  He spots Darsha’s skycar parked not far away.  He reflected on some of the times he shared with Darsha as he approached the skycar.  That’s when he saw that Darsha’s skycar was gutted.  Obi-Wan caught the movement of someone out of the corner of his eye.  Obi-Wan reaches out with The Force and grabs hold of the creature’s mind.  The green-haired creature comes out of the shadows to talk with him.  Green hair tells Obi-Wan that they messed with her and that a bunch of hawk-bats killed Oolth.  they also tell him that he heard about a big Jedi fight that happened near here as well.  Obi-Wan hops in his skycar to look for the other fight scene.  When Obi-Wan got to the other scene, he didn’t find any bodies, but sensed some powerful evil.  He decided to head to a local tavern to see if there were witnesses.  After two hours, he comes out even more confused.  Everyone is willing to say they saw a vehicle chase, but no one is willing to say they actually witnessed a battle after that.  Obi-Wan decides to visit Yanth’s nightclub since he was a member of the Black Sun. 


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