‘Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter’ – Chapter 19

This was a busy and crappy Monday yet again.  It started off good.  I got up early and started my walking regimen.  I started last week, I walked for a half hour a day two out of the five work days.  However, this week I’m hoping to up it to four out of the five.  If I do that, I will be happy to start stepping up how much I walk everyday.

Work was busy.  I kept working on getting the practices ready for chorus this week and I hope to have a full practice starting tomorrow and start to have other rehearsals on Wednesday and Friday.  Hopefully the choir director will be back by next week and the kids should be ready for her return.  I did kind of panic this morning and tell the band director that I really don’t feel comfortable leading the choir for the concert.  It would be one thing if I were working with this choir from the beginning of the year, but it is another thing for me to step in at the last minute and take over.  I don’t think he liked what I had to say, but I just don’t feel comfortable doing the concert.

Heather joined me at school during ninth period and let me know the car was at the transmission shop and that we had two options.  We could rebuild the current transmission and have a one year warranty on the rebuild or we could put in a used transmission that already had 100,000 miles on it.  We both agreed that the rebuild should get us more years out of the wagon.  The last rebuild of the transmission lasted six years.  If we could manage to make this rebuild even last four years, then we should be in a position to be ready to buy a new car.  We hope.

Anyway, I got home and was completely exhausted.  Heather and I both took a half hour snooze before dinner and got dinner together.  After dinner we headed downstairs to do what we usually do at night.  I continued to work on my Helm’s Deep set and Heather continued to work on her latest cross-stitching work.  Then my day ended on a crappy note.  I went to put up the leg on my recliner that is less than a year old, and the leg broke.  Heather and I both believe that the recliner is still under warranty and I hope we can get it fixed.  Man, even the newer things around this house seem to be falling apart.  I’m beginning to wonder if this house is cursed in some way.

All well, time to talk about Chapter 19 of “Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter” by Michael Reaves…..


Chapter 19:  We start off this chapter with Maul reflecting about what he’s learned about discipline.  He is knocked to the ground and lay semiconscious.  Maul then continues to reflect on his past and his teachings.  We find out Maul was with Sidious even as a very young child, before he could walk.  He also reflects about their first visit to the Jedi Temple.  They disguised themselves as tourists and Sidious showed him each Jedi and how he forsaw their individual demise.  Maul finally comes back to full consciousness.  He wakes up in a pile of garbage and in pain.  However, he’s not sure his mission is a complete success.  He went to check the wreck of a skycar, but it was empty.  He decided that he respected Pavan too much as a prey to assume he’s dead.  He spotted a ventilation grid up the street and used his lightsaber to enter it.  He used The Force and probed the shaft.  He sensed the presence of his prey.  The hunt was on.  We now follow Pavan as he wakes up on a cold, hard concrete floor.  Both his legs and arms were bound and that fact is what led Pavan to conclude that he wasn’t waking up from one of his drunken stupers.  Then he realized he was being watched.  The creature was white from head to toe and appeared to not actually have any eyes of any kind.  Lorn looked around the room and saw Assant on the floor, lying unconscious and I-Five, but his main power switch was turned off.  He also saw all sorts of chewed up bones on he floor.  Pavan speculates that these are Cthons, a creature that lost their sight due to lack of light because of Coruscant being built around them.  They were also known for cannibalism.  Two of the Cthons began to close in on him.  Pavan convinces himself that this is it.  He is going to die.  But not without a fight.

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