‘Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter’ – Chapter 14

Happy hump day everyone!!  Well, this was officially a very busy and productive Wednesday.  I had to scramble this morning to get the sound system together for school.  Evidently there was a National Junior Honor Society induction in the auditorium tonight, but no one bothered to tell the tech coordinator (which is me) and they just assumed a microphone and CD player would just be in the auditorium.  Oh yeah, they also wanted some music to play on the CD player that would be appropriate for a graduation-type ceremony.  Sure, I whipped it up, but it took up my whole day trying to make sure everything was working right and was set-up properly.

Heather had a meeting with our son’s teacher tonight about his grades and attitude at school.  I am concerned about where their conversation headed and even more upset that I wasn’t at the meeting.  For some reason, my wife set it up this way.  We’re going to need to talk about that later.  She and Austin’s teacher both think that Austin needs to repeat second grade all over again.  She thinks that my son will become more mature if they hold him back a year.  I TOTALLY disagree and this has now become a bone of contention for the two of us.  She feels Austin isn’t ready for all of the projects that come with third grade (we now know because of recently having a third grader this year – my oldest daughter).  I believe my wife is first, comparing my oldest daughter with my middle son.  They are two totally separate people and my son is not like my oldest daughter.  Ruth is very academically oriented and does well in school naturally.  She doesn’t have to work at it much (this is much like my wife’s own personality).  However, my son is not like that at all.  He isn’t very academically oriented.  He is like me, active imagination and is more arts oriented than anything else.  This makes him seem immature, but I believe he is simply misunderstood.  Heather thinks he can’t handle all the projects and work that will be involved in third grade.  I think Heather is concerned that we will have to work with Austin more with the projects and keep reminding him.  Basically, there may be more work in third grade than there was in second, and I think Heather gets frustrated when working with him because he has a tendency to get emotional.  Second, I think this school district has failed my son (although I couldn’t say this at the meeting because I wasn’t there).  The teacher only communicated with my wife and I three times this year, and that was through the report card.  If my son was really THAT bad, then why didn’t the teacher pick up the phone and call home?  If we had known about any issues, we would have simply addressed them at home.  But, how can I fix that which I don’t already know about?  I have a serious issue with his teacher as it is.  He said on Parent/Teacher conference night that, “I am not a very good communicator, and I apologize, but that’s the way it is and we all have to just deal with it!”  No joke!!  When I complained to the principal, he said he believes this teacher got nervous about having to talk in front of parents.  Got nervous?  In front of parents?!!!  Then why is he teaching?  Everyday I teach is a performance, and if I can’t communicate with parents, then how am I EVER going to communicate to students?  I believe this teacher has failed my son and my family and now he wants to hold my son behind because he thinks he’s immature.  Interestingly enough, he believes that Austin has the Math and English skills to be successful in third grade.  So since when is it not good enough to be educationally ready?  Are we really that worried about his maturity?  I don’t think how he acts on the playground should have anything to do with his classroom work.  They are two separate issues, and yes, he needs to mature.  BUT, he’s being compared with girls who are proven to mature more quickly as it is.  All well, can you all tell I’m very emotional about this subject?  Hey, if any of you have any suggestions or have an opinion on this matter, then please place a comment here.  I’m really looking for other people’s point of view on this subject.  Thanks.


Anyway, onto Chapter 14 of “Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter” by Michael Reaves…..


Chapter 14:  We start with Darsha and Master Bondara in their skycar and sensing a disturbance in the Force.  Both were struck by how evil this particular being using the Force felt.  Master Bondara used the repulsors from the skycar to stun the black-robed assailant.  Darsha and Master Bondara yell at Pavan and I-Five to get in the vehicle.  Maul Force-jumped onto the skycar and tried to keep them from lifting any higher.  Darsha used a powerful Force-push and forced Maul to give up his grip on the vehicle.  That’s when they realized they couldn’t go up any further.  We then switch to Maul’s point of view.  After being knocked down by the repulsors on the skycar, he ignited his lightsaber and slashed at the underside of the vehicle.  Maul called upon is speeder bike as he watched the skycar disappear around the corner.  Maul knew he could track the Jedi using the Force.  We now switch to I-Five and Pavan’s point of view.  We discover the vertical adjustment has been damaged on the skycar.  This means they can go side to side and down, but can’t go up any further.  Lorn was slammed back into his seat as the speed of the vehicle increased.  He said to Bondara to relax, they weren’t going to get caught by a man on foot, but Assant informed him the black-robed figure was no longer on foot. 


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