‘Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter’ – Chapter 13

Well, it’s Tuesday and as always my wife will be working until late tomorrow morning.  I had a great start to my day today.  I got up a little early and started my walking regimen today (as I usually do) and I decided to make Star Wars Episode III my soundtrack for walking.  Well, at least it is until I get my 1GB MP3 flash drive, which will mean that I’m going to get to choose from a whole bunch of music.  I’m really excited for that to come in the mail and can’t wait for it to show up.  Heather just sent the money out yesterday and for me, it can’t get there soon enough and the player can’t get to me soon enough.  I had a good day at school.  Started to get caught up with paperwork and work that I wasn’t able to do because of the musical.

Because Heather went to work at seven o’clock tonight, I was able to work on my Helm’s Deep set while she was at work.  I finally finished the final piece that needs to be built.  Now all I have to do is start closing the sides, gluing on all the rest of the bricks, and then the biggie, painting.  The painting is going to be a doozy.  I’m going to need to buy at least a gallon (maybe a half gallon) of grey paint.  I can’t wait to get it done!!  My kids are even getting excited and are asking me when we’re going to play the miniatures game again.  I figured we would have a “summer long” siege of Helm’s Deep (hey, they’re five, seven, and eight years old, they have short attention spans!!).  When we do it, I’ll make sure I take pictures for everyone.


Okay, so onto talking about Chapter 13 of “Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter” by Michael Reaves …..


Chapter 13:  We start by following Master Bondara and Darsha Assant as they re-enter the Crimson Corridor.  They followed Darsha’s directions and landed near where the Fondorian would’ve hit the pavement.  They find a hawk-bat with a broken neck and some purple-colored blood.  They both come to the conclusion that Oolth was dead.  They decide to go back to the Jedi Council and give a final report.  We then switch to Lorn Pavan who is receiving his payment from Yanth the Hutt.  While trying to finish the transaction, Darth Maul manages to enter the room and kill Yanth’s bodyguard.  Maul took a swing at I-Five and he used the case of money to save his life.  Lorn stands there staring at Maul surprised at seeing what he has convinced himself as a Sith.  I-Five grabs him and drags him through the door as Yanth’s Gamorrean Guards are distracting Maul by firing their blasters at him.  They go up a flight of stairs and through a sabaac gaming table room.  They kept running out of the room.  We switch back to Maul’s point of view as he skewers the two Gamorrean Guards.  Maul then hurls himself acrossed the room to kill Yanth the Hutt.  Maul grabbed the holocron and headed to the street.  Maul finds Pavan and his robot is nowhere in sight.  Maul calls upon the Force to speed up his pursuit and within minutes was on top of his assailants.  When out of nowhere a skycar landed next to Pavan and knocked Maul to the ground.  In the skycar were two Jedi.


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