‘Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter’ – Chapter 11

Well today was a Sunday much like any other.  We got up pretty early (especially considering we both stayed up until two this morning) and got the kids and ourselves ready to go to church.  We went to church and had a cool service with a lady that joined us from The Wyoming House, which is a children’s center not too far from our house that helps children that are displaced or are homeless, parentless (orphans), or need assistance.  It’s a really cool idea and I wish more places like this were around.  We came home and I changed and went outside to run the mower some more as I still didn’t get the second property mowed and I knew it would be hard because there are a lot of sticks and “stuff” to mulch up.  I got about three quarters of the way through that property until my neighbors on the backside came out and talked to me about how much work we’re doing and what we have done to the house.  They were impressed with how much work we’ve done in so little time.  I found out our neighbors apparently don’t get along very well.  Yet, Heather and I seem to get along with everyone.  Anyway, that neighbor offered to cut down some of the trees in the back yard and I told them that I had planned on taking all the trees down in the second parcel of property in hopes to give us enough space to have an above ground pool sometime in the distant future.  You know, when I’m seventy and no one wants to see me in a bathing suit anymore!  Ruth came out while I was talking to them and told me the Nascar race was about to start.  I went inside all excited.  I love Talladega because that race is never boring.  There is always bound to be some “bump drafting” in such a large race.  Well, after waiting for an hour, the race was finally called off due to rain.  In the meantime, I got some more work done on my Helm’s Deep set and finished cleaning the house from the past week. 

I also managed to get out SPECIAL EDITION #2 OF “THE JEDI COUNCIL SPEAKS” today, which can be found at:  http://www.treborgahkor.podomatic.com.  It is really interesting and I think you may all find my review of “Ewoks:  The Battle for Endor” and my viewpoint on the oil industry interesting.

Tonight Heather and vowed to relax.  We watched “The Simpsons”, “War at Home”, “Sopranos”, and “Big Love” and went to bed.

Okay, time to talk about Chapter Chapter 11 of “Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter” by Michael Reaves…..


Chapter 11:  We start this chapter off by following Darsha Assant.  She is grappling with her embarrassment with telling the Jedi of her failure to accomplish her mission.  Darsha then takes a taxi to the Jedi Temple and decides she’ll visit Master Bondara and then face the council.  We then switch scenes to Darth Maul’s point of view.  Maul escapes the burning building quickly and heads for the shadows.  While there, Maul gets a comm message from Sidious.  Maul informs Sidious of the death of Monchar and inevitable change in plans in order to find Lorn Pavan and kill him.  While talking to Sidious, Maul realized his big mistake, he left behind the holocron.  Sidious informs Darth Maul that he disappoints his Master.  Sidious also informs Maul that he now has two tasks.  One is to kill Lorn Pavan and the other is to find the holocron.  Maul decided to wait a while fro the police to clear out and then head back to Monchar’s home in hopes to find the holocron.  We then switch to Lorn and I-Five exiting the just exploded building in a hurry.  I-Five informs Pavan that the holocron is encrypted and also reminds him they have very little time left on their bank heist scheme before they are caught.  That’s when Lorn Pavan reflects on Monchar’s body with the decapitated head.  He realizes the only weapon that could do that and cut a hole in a permasteel door is a lightsaber.  He informs I-Five that they have had a run-in with a Sith agent.  I-Five thinks it’s a rogue Jedi, but in either case they know they are now in serious danger.  Pavan wants to throw away the holocron crystal, but I-Five talks him out of it reminding Pavan that giving the Sith the holocron may save their life at a later time.  They decide to tak the holocron to the Hutt anyway.


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