‘Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter’ – Chapter 5

“Just another manic Monday” (okay, so I like to quote songs).  It really was a busy Monday for me and the cast of the musical.  We had a half day of school, but I did teach three of the four periods in the morning which made for a long morning.  My wife forgot to bring the costumes in this morning, which I think made the director of the musical a little nervous (rightfully so), so she brought the costumes in at the end of the day.  We also got fifty pounds of dry ice for the musical and we seemed to have a better practice today.  I’m really pleased with how the musical seems to be coming together.  I think the audience will be very entertained on Thursday and Friday night.  So, if you’re reading this blog and will be in the Binghamton area on Thursday or Friday night, head over to East Middle School to see Aladdin, Jr.  Okay, enough of my shameless plug for the musical.

Heather left the rehearsal early to take Austin and Tara to Scouts and then came back to pick up Ruth and I to go pick up pizza.  We got home around six thiry and ate dinner and Austin got dropped off around seven thirty and ate dinner and went to bed.  Heather had to go to the dance company she’s working for and do some work there for about a half an hour.  She got home and we crashed from nine p.m. on.  We barely stayed awake to watch “CSI:Miami” and then went to bed at 11.

I want to make two addresses to everyone who is reading these blogs.  First off, blog.com has changed their format.  I have some emails of people complaining that the “Read More” button is gone and the blog inputs are longer.  Yes, that is the case, but that is a choice that blog.com has made and not me.  Also, yes, I am putting out about five or six days at a time right now.  That is only happening because of me being at school each night until five or six o’clock for musical rehearsals.  I write my blog inputs on my free-time at school (which doesn’t happen very often) in Microsoft Word and then transfer it to the blog when I have an opportunity.  Anyway, when the musical is over, I will keep up with my day to day blogs (which will be after Saturday).

Okay, onto talking about Chapter 5 of “Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter” by Michael Reaves…..


Chapter 5:  We then switch to Darth Sidious.  Sidous thinks about how greedy the Jedi are with power and resolves the new Sith doctorine:  one master and one apprentice.  Sidious wanted nothing to get in the way of the fall of the Jedi, including Hath Monchar.  We then switch scenes to Darsha Assasnt in the Crimson Corridor.  Darsha takes her skyhopper into the deepest, darkest depths of Coruscant.  Darsha made her way to where the Fondorian, named Oolth, was hiding.  Darsha encouraged Oolth to move quickly.  Oolth warned her about a gang of vile villainy called Raptors.  When Darsha got back to her hovering skyhopper, they found the craft crawling with Raptor gang members.  Darsha acted quickly, bringing the gang under her control with a Jedi mindtrick, when out of nowhere, a scream rang out because Oolth was getting attacked in the shadows.  Darsha lost control of her mind trick and as she went to reach for her lightsaber, the members of the Raptors gang was on top of her.


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