‘Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter’ – Chapter 4

Well, got up early as always to go to church.  It always seems like such a short day because my wife works till two a.m. which makes it hard on me.  But I know I keep beating this horse to death!!  Anyway, went to church and had a good service this morning.  We celebrated one of our members’ birthday.  They hit a “bench mark” age, and I won’t repeat what age for his own volition.

Anyway, we picked up Ruth from camp on the way home and she was exhausted.  Heather and Ruth left right away to go to Norwich to meet my in-laws and get them their Girl Scout Cookies.  I understand them wanting the cookies since I have had co-workers constantly asking about where their cookies were.  Hey, what can I say?  Those Girl Scout cookies are popular!!  Heather accidentally gave her sister/mother too many cookies, so now they have extras to sell.  All well, I don’t think they’ll have problems selling them.

Heather got home and we all took a nap in the house (since most of us were up late – Including Ruth).  Heather and I got up and started to work on getting ready for the week.  I organized some things for the musical this week and Heather did some sewing work for the musical as well. We decided to stop working at eight o’clock so we could watch “The Simpsons”, “The War at Home”, and then switched to HBO to watch “The Sopranos” and “Big Love”.  We knew tonight would be the last night to be able to watch some of our regular T.V. shows.  We knew this would happen because of the musical.  Let’s just say that our V.C.R. will be in overload for most of the rest of the week.

Okay, time to talk about Chapter 4 of “Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter” by Michael Reaves…..


Chapter 4:  We start this chapter back on The Saak’ak.  Nute Gunray and Rune Haako know they need to find Hath Monchar before Sidious contacts them again.  Haako suggests hiring a female bounty hunter by the name of Mahwi Lihnn.  Gunray agrees.  We then switch to Lorn Pavan and I-Five talking about their recent loss and it’s financial impact.  Pavan is drunk and disparaging about how the Jedi ruined his life.  I-Five manages to get Pavan home where he falls asleep in a drunken slumber.

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