‘Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter’ – Chapter 3

Well, a busy and tiring Saturday.  Heather and I got up later than I think we really wanted to.  We didn’t actually get out of bed until ten a.m. and our kids were nice enough to just grab some cereal and watch T.V. and not bug us until then.  Of course it helps that my oldest daughter went to camp last night.  It’s gonna be kinda weird not having her around for the weekend.  I’m interested in how Austin and Tara are going to handle the situation without their older sister.  They were pretty much bored all day and unfortunately so was I.  It rained all day and I had plans on going outside and rehanging our tire swing and trying to secure the railing on our deck more so that it isn’t hanging by a thread.  SO, I got a chance to work on my Helm’s Deep set more than I thought I would and got a lot more done.  I got a chance to plan out how I’m going to do the next couple of sections as well.

I also got a chance to get addicted to Star Wars Legos for a little bit again this weekend.  My son and I played for about two hours and had a blast.  Tara wanted to watch a “chick flic” upstairs, which was okay with Austin and I, so we went downstairs and watched NASCAR racing tonight and then Austin went to bed a little early tonight as we have church tomorrow and a long day.

My in-laws called tonight and decided out of nowhere that they were going to come down tomorrow.  Although I usually don’t have a problem with them coming down, this weekend was going to be difficult.  Heather and I haven’t cleaned the house at all in over a week and didn’t plan on cleaning the house for another week.  The place looks like a wreck and we just aren’t ready for guests.  Luckily, Heather talked them out of coming and found out they just wanted their Girl Scout cookies.  So Heather said she’ll drive to Norwich tomorrow and meet them to give them their cookies after church.

I got a chance to get onto Ebay today and finally convince Heather to let me get an MP3 Player.  We managed to find a 1 GB MP3/Flash drive for under fifty bucks!  Gotta love that.  Hope that we get it sometime soon.  I agreed that I would get the player if I agreed to start walking every morning once the musical is over.  Of course I had plans on doing that anyway, but this will just give me more motivation.  Gotta love modern technology!  Okay, time to talk about Chapter 3 of “Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter” by Michael Reaves…..


Chapter 3:  We start this chapter in the Jedi Temple.  Darsha Assant was before the Jedi Council to discuss her potential to become a Jedi Knight.  Adi Gallia, Plo Koon, Eeth Koth, Yoda, Mace Windu, and Yoda sit on the council.  Her Twileek Jedi Master, Anoon Bondara, was there to support her as well.  We get some background on Assant and find out she is from Alderaan.  She is ordered to go to the Crimson Corridor and bring back a member of the Black Sun.  He’s being granted safe passage for information.  Assant and Bondara leave the chamber and get on the elevator.  Bondara reveals that he believes the mission is too difficult and too dangerous.  They leave and prepare for her mission.  We then switch to The Infiltrator landing on Coruscant with Darth Maul inside.  Maul was told Hath Monchar had an apartment in the upscale part of Coruscant.  Maul gets chased by a police droid while on his speeder bike.  He avoided the droid and managed to get to a bank terminal in the Coruscant Customs Bureau Building.  Maul searched through bank records, and security grids for Monchar.  He tracked a blurred image of a Neimoidian to a local tavern.


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