‘Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter’ – Chapter 2

Yeah, it’s Friday, and I’m completely exhausted.  I came home and my wife went to work until two tomorrow morning and I’ll be honest, I crashed on the couch for an hour after we ate dinner.  I got some more work done on my Helm’s Deep set and also managed to update some grades and finish grading some of the final exams that were made up today.  My classes were starting to get a little more rauchous today, but I think it’s just because my students are starting to get to know me more.

I was excited to get some more work done on my Helms Deep set and feel that I may not get much more work done on it this week.  I am making great strides on the set, but it doesn’t look like I am because visually it isn’t great strides.  I know it won’t be long until the set is complete.

Heather and I still didn’t get a government check today.  We’re only a week away from the maximum time they can keep their money and we are really nervous that we’re not going to get our money.  We don’t know why, but it could be for any number of reasons!  It could be the money I owe for education, it could be any of the credit companies I owe money to.  But, Heather and I thought we resolved all of that when we got involved in the mortgage of the house.  But you never know who will lay claim to any money you have.  Man, not having that second car is really going to be a killer next week!

Okay, onto our overview of Chapter 2 of “Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter” by Michael Reaves…..


Chapter 2:  This chapter occurs on Coruscant.  We go to the underside of Coruscant.  The area that is considered the dredges of this planet.  Lorn Pavan and his droid, I-Five, are meeting with Zippa, a Toydarian and Bilk a Gamorrean.  Zippa reveals a Jedi Holocron cube for which he is asking twenty thousand credits.  Lorn asks if it’s authentic, and Zippa gets himself into trouble by accusing him of being a closet Jedi Knight.  Some dealing is done and Lorn buys it for twelve thousand credits.  Just as he goes to take it, Zippa leaves the booth and orders Bilk to kill Pavan and I-Five.  I-Five “screams” and forces the Gamorrean to drop his blaster, which I-Five kills him with.  Pavan’s upset that he lost his money AND the holocron.  Pavan then reveals to I-Five that he believes it was a sith holocron.


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