‘Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter’ – Chapter 1

Okay, well today was a half-day of students at school and I got a chance to catch up on some work.  I got more students to take the test at lunch break yesterday and I have a few more coming in tommrrow.  Hopefully I’ll have a chance to finish grading them this weekend and finally wrap up my gradebook.  Anyway, I get a chance to catch up on my work and start to work on the Special Edition #2 of “The Jedi Council Speaks”.  I’m hoping to record that this weekend.  If not, I may be late getting that Podcast out on time, but I will work my hardest to get it out.  I probably should have held off on this Special Edition, as it is happening WAY too close to the musical at my school.  But hey, I seem to do better under pressure.  At least that’s what my wife tells me.

I had students in my room the second half of the day and we all watched “Ewoks:  The Battle for Endor”.  My poor students had to endure that movie, sorry for doing that to you guys (that was the tech crew that had to stay after school for musical rehearsal).

We got a chance to “play” with dry-ice today.  We found out that it won’t set off the fire alarms, so we were able to use it for the musical for the Genie coming out of the lamp.  Plus it just looks totally cool!  We used it for rehearsal and I need to tweek the concepts but I know I’ll have it ready for next week.  I was a little upset that three of my students did not show up for rehearsal tonight which makes it harder on the rest of the crew.  I’ve told them that if they miss another rehearsal, they won’t be allowed to be part of the tech crew.  I need to have everyone there in order to run a viable rehearsal.

I rushed to Taco Bell to get dinner and then got over to school for SMASH rehearsal.  We got there early, so we took the kids to the playground as a reward for having to be dragged to the school every night until five o’clock.  Anyway, I went to go to SMASH rehearsal and found out we couldn’t have rehearsal and had to hang out with the director to let other students know that rehearsal couldn’t happen.  We also decided to cancel rehearsal until the week after next.  That’s a load off of my mind so that I can concentrate on the musical until then.

Well, tonight we are going to start discussing our next book, “Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter”.  So, let’s go to our overview of Chapter 1 of “Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter” by Michael Reaves


Chapters 1 – 15:  Part I:  Mean Streets


Characters:  Darth Sidious, Viceroy Nute Gunray, Daultay Dofine, Darth Maul, Rapier, Chain, Cudgel, Hatchette, Lorn Pavan, Zippa, I-Five YQ, Bilk, Darsha Assant, Adi Gallia, Plo Koon, Eeth Koth, Yoda, Mace Windu, Anoon Bondara, Oolth the Fondorian, Hath Monchar, Wahwi Lihnn, Yanth the Hutt.


Planets:  Coruscant


Ships:  Saak’ak, The Infiltrator


Chapter 1:  We start this chapter aboard the Neimoidian spacecraft Saak’ak.  Lord Sidious has summoned his Niemoidian minions to answer a holographic call.  Sidious notices that only three of the four (Gunray, Haako, and Dofine) are present.  He asks where Hath Monchar is.  Gunray tells Sidious that Monchar is sick.  Sidious then goes on to explain his plans should the trade embargo fail (by hiding large armies of droids in trade ships).  Gunray is obviously distressed at this missing lieutenant.  We then switch to just watching Sidious.  He knows that Gunray lied to him, but he’s not sure why.  He decides to call on his apprentice, Darth Maul.  We then switch scenes to Darth Maul.  He is practicing his sith skills by training with four droids:  Rapier, Chain, Cudgel, Hatchette.  Each name describes the favorite weapon of said droid.  Long story short, he kicks their ass!!  Sidious appears and informs Maul that he is pleased at how he handled the situation with the Black Sun.  Now he wants Maul to find and kill Hath Monchar and anyone he has talked to.  He doesn’t want the news of the trade embargo to get out yet.


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