‘Darth Maul:Saboteur’ – Part 3

Well, another busy day in paradise.  I didn’t expect today to be busy as it is my last day of vacation and I expected things to be quiet and relaxing before I go back to the chaos of school.  But, I was proven wrong.  My wife had to go to work today and then decided to head on over to Vestal and JoAnn Fabrics and pick up some materials she needed to work on some stuff for a dance group she does costumes for.  Well, she also needed to get back to work by seven o’ clock tonight and didn’t get out of work until two p.m.  Anyway, at three o’clock, my wife calls me from a repair station and let’s me know that the struts on our only working car have broken and that she is stuck there waiting until they decide to fix the car.  So, after a two-hundred and fifty dollar bill, the car got fixed and my wife returned home by five p.m.  Of course dinner got rushed and I was a little upset that we had very little time to spend with each other and not to mention the bill we got.  Another bill we just weren’t prepared to pay for.  So much for our thousand-dollar buffer in case something goes wrong with the house or vehicles.  I think we’re going to have to amp that buffer up to two or even three thousand dollars this coming year.

I just finished an online application to Lowe’s today.  I’m hoping they would be willing to hire me for the summer so my family and I can put some money aside for next year or even get our other car on the road.  I can’t believe that Lowe’s applications can only be done online.  You know, I understand if upper-class jobs had online applications, but Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse?  I’m not sure everyone that works at Lowe’s has a hi-speed internet connection in order to fill out an application.  Just a thought.

Anyway, I got some more work done tonight on my Helm’s Deep set and I can’t wait until it’s finished and my kids and I get a chance to play on the set and do our first “battle” on the home built Helm’s Deep set.  It will just be fun!!

Anyway, onto Part 3 of the Ebook “Darth Maul:Saboteur” by James Luceno…..


Saboteur – Part 3:  We move scenes to Caba’Zan and Bruit sitting down in Bruit’s living room.  Caba’Zan plays a tape of Bruit at the cantina, but the words spoken were words said at Bruit’s house.  Bruit thinks the Toom Clan is to blame, but Caba’Zan doesn’t think they’re that smart.  Caba’Zan and Bruit agree to strike the Toom Clan in retaliation.  Darth Maul, who has been spying, is satisfied.  We then switch scenes and drop back in the timeline a little.  We find out that Maul opted not to watch the collision on Eriadu, but to observe the Toom Clan base on Riome.  We then switch back to the modern timeline as Maul is landing on Riome ahead of the mixed squad headed by Bruit.  Bruit dropped out of the sky in a troop carrier which gets destroyed almost immediately.  Bruit’s crew makes a slow, methodical attack on the bunker.  Maul realized they wouldn’t be successful with a frontal assault.  He then entered the foray dodging blaster fire, but drawing the attention of Bruit’s men to a better entrance to the bunker.  Bruit’s men also managed to break into the blast doors on the front of the bunker.  The battle went on for so long that weapons were exhausted and a hand to hand fight ensued.  Maul decided he needed to kill them all because he didn’t want his face out on the holonet somewhere.  Maul killed the others and saved Bruit for last.  Bruit put two and two together and realized Maul was behind everything.  Darth Maul force-choked Bruit to death.  We then switch scenes to Arrant’s office as he receives the news of Bruit’s death.  He believes the Trade Federation payed off the Toom Clan, but has no evidence to back his alligation.  After more facts emerge, Arrant decides to make two calls.  One to InterGalactic to discuss a company merger, the other to the Trade Federation to discuss the shipping rights to the Lommite.  We then switch scenes to Niemoidia where Hath Monchar and Viceroy Nute Gunray have a holomessage from Darth Sidious.  Monchar leaves at Sidious’ request.  Gunray informs Lord Sidious of the merger of the companies into Dorvalla Mining.  Sidious informs them there will be more to come.  We then switch to Sidious and Maul on Courscant.  Sidious tells Maul to familiarize himself with the Black Sun and to continue his training as his lightsaber will be very important on his next mission.


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