‘Darth Maul:Saboteur’ – Part 2

Okay, today was a busy Monday.  We really had a lot to get done around the house.  We got up fairly early today with my parents and hung out with them for a little bit.  My mom, dad, and myself ended up going to Vestal at around ten o’clock this morning.  We ended up getting a new innertube for Ruth’s bike.  She’s been bummed because it’s been such a beautiful day outside and she hasn’t been able to ride her bike outside because of having a hole in her bike tire.  So, it was only five dollars to fix.  If only more things in life cost that little to fix.  My mom went over to A.C. Moore to buy some more wallets and glasses case, counting cross-stitch kits.  She liked the one that Heather completed already and wanted some more and Heather wanted some for herself.  I also managed to pick up some more glue to keep working on my Helm’s Deep set.  We got home and finished working on Ruth’s bike and she’s now a happy camper because she is able to ride around on her bike.

Mom and dad left around noon and we sat down and ate lunch together.  The kids then went out side and played and continued to rotate laundry for Heather.  We did a little more yard-work today as well and worked on planning out our garden.  Heather had to leave and go to work before dinner and won’t get back until after nine p.m.  So, the kids and I finished eating some of the leftovers from Easter dinner and then I had them watch a movie upstairs while I went downstairs and watched the CBS line-up (which was all repeats by the way) while I worked on my Helm’s Deep set.  I hope to take pictures of the current set sometime in the near future and posting them here on the blog site.  Heather came home at nine and surprised me with some Wendy’s food and we ate some food (probably too late at night, but it tasted good!).

Okay, time to talk about Part 2 of the Ebook “Darth Maul:Saboteur” by James Luceno…..


Saboteur – Part 2:  Arrant informs Bruit that he has one day to get the facilities back in working order.  Arrant has also decided to retaliate against InterGalactic, but he doesn’t want them to know it was Lommite Limited directly.  We then switch scenes to Maul who has landed on Dorvalla by himself.  Maul enters the local cantina and orders a pure water.  Maul listens in on the conversations of three of LL’s security personnel as they talk about a counter attack against InterGalactic.  Maul then notices a listening device that appears to be along the ceiling.  Maul convinced himself that the listeners are spies of InterGalactic.  Maul follows the three LL security personnel to Bruit’s house.  While listening in, Maul finds out that LL has hired the Toom Clan to sabotage a shipment to Eriadu the same day an LL shipment is also supposed to arrive.  Bruit lets it slip that he’d like to see both companies go down so that a better, stronger company could come out of the works.  Maul decided now was the time to strike both ends like his double-bladed lightsaber.  Maul takes the time and try and break into Lommite Limited’s headquarters, but too many sensors and obstacles prevent him.  Maul returns back to Bruit’s residence before sunrise.  Maul snuck into the house and got into Bruit’s personal computer and downloaded the info about the delivery to Eriadu.  Darth Maul then went back to the Cantina.  Maul catches the InterGalactic agents’ listening bug and turns it on them.  He then listens in as a Tooms Clan member offers to help the InterGal agents strike back at Eriadu at the same time.  We then switched scenes to the Tooms Clan headquarters.  Caba’Zan and Nort Toom are talking about Lommite Limited’s current offer  Caba’Zan offers twice what LL offers to have the Toom Clan sabotage LL’s delivery.  When the transmission ends, Nort Toom’s tells the rest the rest of the clan they’ll sabotage everyone’s ships.  We then switch to a scene on Eriadu.  Lieutenant Governor Tarkin, Jurnel Arrant, and many of Eriadu’s business elite were waiting for the arrival of LL and InterGal’s Lommite load.  Bruit is with Arrant and his conversation with a  business executive is cut short.  He is informed that LL’s ships are going to collide with InterGal’s.  That’s when everyone realizes they’ve been double crossed by the Toom Clan……

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