‘Darth Maul:Saboteur’ – Part 1

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!  This is a joyous day for all Christians.  It is on this day that Christ died on the cross to absolve us of all of our Sins.  What a guy!!  Anyway, today was a good day around the Crissman house.  Things went generally well and my kids were really excited about the gifts they got.  The three of them woke-up to one Easter basket a piece with a snaking new Bible in them with some other “stuff” including candy and coloring books (of course, my son received a Star Wars one :smile:).  We then went to church where I sang in the choir and played trumpet for one more Sunday.  That was fun, and could get addictive.  All well, next Sunday I will be back to doing the sound work again.

Anyway, Heather and I raced home after church to beat my parents and kids to the house and set out the other Easter baskets and gifts.  So, my kids came home to the Easter bunny having dropped off all of the gifts.  I know, how sneaky are we!  Anyway, my kids were very excited and my kids got lots of cool stuff as always.  Of course, my son got a Star Wars toy (A Chewbacca “Star Wars Force Battlers” figure) and was really excited to get it.   Ruth got some Barbie toys, a velvet coloring poster, and lots of cool craft stuff.  Tara got a “Hello Kitty” coloring kit that uses water to work, and she played with it all day.  All in all, it was a fun day.  Heather and I both got a nap in today as we were both exhausted because of her having to work until 2 a.m.  We also had a chance to watch “Herbie: Fully Loaded” as it was on T.V. on Cinemax.  Overall, a good day and very uneventful.  That’s what we like to hear.

Okay, so time to cover the first segment of the Ebook, “Darth Maul:Saboteur” by James Luceno…..


Saboteur – Part 1:

Characters:  Patch Bruit, Jurnel Arrant, Hath Monchar, Viceroy Nute Gunray, Darth Sidious, Darth Maul, Nort Toon, Caba’Zan, Lieutenant Governor Tarkin


Planets:  Dorvalla, Eriadu, Riome, Neimoidia, Courscant


We start by following Patch Bruit, chief of field operations for Lommite Limited.  LL is launching shuttles filled with Lommite when two of the shuttles diverge from their intended path and ran right into the castle on Dorvalla.  Bruit then goes to talk to Jurnel Arrant about the situation.  Arrant is upset with Bruit and can’t understand why he can’t do his job.  Bruit suggests that Arrant go to the Senate about these terrorist attacks, but Arrant does not because he believes it will bankrupt both Lommite Ltd. And their rival, InterGalactic.  Their conversation is interrupted with a call from Hath Monchar.  Monchar offered his condolences for the position LL recently experienced.  Monchar informs Arrant that the Trade Federation is willing to ship Lommite for them, for a price.  Arrant turns them down.  It begins to rain over the dusty mess on Dorvalla.  We then switch to Sidious and Maul discussing matters between the two mining companies at Sidious’ layer.  Sidious tells Maul he wants to see both companies collapse and deliver Dorvalla to the Trade Federation.  Sidious says he has a mission for his apprentice.  Sidious looks at, and admires Maul’s double-bladed lightsaber.  Sidious tells Maul to go to Dorvalla and strike both companies as his lightsaber can strike from both ends.  We then go back to Dorvalla and follow Bruit as they search through the debris and discover their shuttles have been sliced into.  Bruit heads to Arrant’s  office where they confirm with each other that InterGalactic carried our the terrorist attack……. (to be continued)


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