‘Cloak of Deception’ – Overview

Okay, today was a fun Saturday before Easter Sunday.  We had fun with my parents and of course my dad and I had plenty to do.  First we went over to the church at 10 a.m. for an Easter Egg Hunt.  It was fun and my kids were good “givers” because they gave up some of their eggs for children who showed up late and didn’t have a chance to participate in the egg hunt.  I thought that was very generous of my kids and very Christian-like.  I guess I’m just a proud dad.  When we came home, my father and I started to work on my wife’s “honey-do” list.  The first thing was to put up a clothesline.  It sounded like a simple enough task, but it’s never as simple as it sounds.  We started to work on getting the clothesline put up, and we ran into a “snag”.  We got the pulleys put up and started to unwind the two-hundred feet of line, when we realize that parts of the line were actually falling apart and were unwinding.  So, we had to go to Lowes to try and get another two-hundred feet of line.  Then we decided to get another set of hooks, pulleys and another clothesline tightener so we could put up another clothesline for my wife (apparently she wanted two).  However, we failed to secure another clothesline tightener at Lowes, so we had to go all the way into the city and got to Agway to get one.  Apparently someone at corporate forgot to order them for Lowes (at least according to the INSANE salesman at Lowes – I think the guy was a few marbles short of a full bag).  Anyway, we got home and finally got both lines put up.

I decided it was time to actually get something to eat for lunch.  We then discussed how we were going to get the old fridge downstairs so Heather and I could use it for keeping wine, or beer….uh, I mean soda’s (“Tommy Boy” reference) cold downstairs.  Well, we decided we couldn’t go down the regular basement stairs and we couldn’t go out the side door of the kitchen.  So, it was the “hard way”.  Out the front door, into the side door and down into the basement.  BUMMER!! Not easy and it was time to look for an appliance truck.  SO, we went to Taylor Rental and rented one for $10 for the day.  Of course, we only planned on using it for an hour or two.  Well, two short hours later, and the fridge is in the basement.  We went and returned the appliance truck and came home.  Now it was time for dinner.  Phew, what a day!!  Well, when we got done with dinner, we decided to finish the Star Wars Easter Eggs and Hello Kitty Easter Eggs we started yesterday.  Yes, that’s right, we did Star Wars and Hello Kitty Easter Eggs this year and they were actually pretty cool.  You can find pictures of those eggs in the Album, titled “Easter 2006”.  Check it out!!

After that, grandma and pappa took us all to a new place we discovered here in Binghamton called “Suzie Q’s” that is a great ice-cream shop on Chenango Street.  If you’re ever in Binghamton and want some great ice-cream, I highly suggest going there and getting some ice-cream.  Anyway, we had a great treat (thanks grammy and pappa!!) and then came home.  My parents watched “The Passion of the Christ” with me tonight as well.  It was emotional as always and was hard for me to watch even the second time around.  But I did figure out what bothered me about the whole movie.  I didn’t like the movie because it was so depressing.  And the reason it was depressing is because the movie focused on the wrong thing.  It focused on the beating and crucifiction of Christ.   It did NOT focus on the main joy of Easter, and that is the resurrection of the body.  That is where the real story is for Christians and this movie completely missed that.

Okay, onto my overview of “Cloak of Deception” by James Luceno…..


I ultimately did like James Luceno’s book, “Cloak of Deception”.  When I got done reading this book I felt as though I really began to understand the significance of the beginning of “The Phantom Menace” more.  I really began to understand what the beginning of that movie was emphasizing.  Would I have completely understood it without this book?  Maybe.  I wouldn’t have understood all of the politics that were played behind the scenes, however.  This book was well written and kept me intrigued throughout the entire story even though I had a pretty good idea what the final outcome would be.  Obviously, Valorum was not going to die and he was not going to be removed as Supreme Chancellor.  Yet, I was very intrigued by the potential outcome of the book.  I also liked how some of the future products of “The Phantom Menace” were presented.  For example, the ideas for droidekas, or droid armies.  The concept of the taxation of the trade routes of the Outer Rim and the other politics were what made this book exciting and demanding on my concepts of Star Wars.  I do feel that this book made the movie “The Phantom Menace” even more compelling.  Because of all of this, I give this book an 8 out of 10.




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