‘Cloak of Deception’ – Chapter 30

AHHHHH!! That’s me falling into total chaos!! Okay today was SO buisy that I just didn’t get a chance to even think.  That’s right, I couldn’t even think today.  It started when I got to work and went to copy my review sheet for the final exams and for whatever reason, I gave out my last one last quarter.  SO, I had to bring it up on my computer and print it out quick.  Then I had to go and get enough copies for my kids.  First period of classes went well and then I had some time to do some paperwork.  I was hoping to get some trumpet practicing in before tonight’s rehearsal at church, but that didn’t quite happen.  Why?  Well, we are looking to do a “smoke effect” for the musical with some dry ice, but wanted to meet with our principal and get it okayed.  My principal wanted me to pass it with the local fire department (makes sense) to make sure it didn’t set off the fire alarm.  So, I called the fire department and talked to someone to set up a time to have him come in and we’ll try a trial run and see if the fire alarm goes off.  He was willing to do it for no fee (which is nice as we’re trying to make this work as cheap as possible).  I also had another matter that completely stressed me out plus I had kids that were totally rude to me at lunchtime.  Overall, just not a very good day at work.  Constructive, but not necessarily positive.

SMASH rehearsal was cancelled tonight, which is good because it was the ONLY chance I had to get our house into some assemblance of order before my brother comes tomorrow.  Speaking of which, I don’t think I will actually see my brother now.  I TOTALLY forgot that I have a scavenger hunt that I had signed up for at work to do tomorrow and I already paid for it, so I need to go to that and I probably won’t be home until after 7 p.m., and I don’t think my brother will be staying around until then.  BUMMER!! I was really looking forward to seeing him.  I’m just so stinking buisy, I don’t even have time to visit with family anymore, either.  When do I get my time?  Ah, it won’t happen till summer and then it may not even happen.  Wish I could see my family or my friends.  I haven’t been to Rochester in FOREVER, and I feel horrible about it.  But I feel trapped down here in Binghamton with one VERY unreliable car.  What I wouldn’t give for a loan or a government check to get our car on the road!  It would be great to see.  It’s very hard being a teacher with no money to your name.  I don’t think many people understand what it’s like.  My wife and I are literally scraping things up just to get by.

Now our matters got worse late tonight.  I’ve been noticing the fridge in the house has been acting weird lately and making all sorts of strange noises.  Well, today, for the second time in a week we had sour milk in our fridge and the milk was only four days old.  We basically have come to the conclusion that the refrigerator is not worth it’s money anymore.  We talked to a repair specialist who said he’s been having problems with 1998 Whirpool refrigerators this spring.  Well, our fridge fits the profile.  Evidently Whirlpool bought some cheap thermostat regulators and they fail within the first ten years of the fridge’s life.  So, we could pay a tech sixty bucks an hour to come out and look at the thing (by the way the average regulator price is $150), or for about the same amount of money we could get a new fridge.  SO, tomorrow Heather is going out to look for a new one.  Like I said, complete chaos at the Crissman house.

Okay, onto talking about Chapter 30 of “Cloak of Deception” by James Luceno…..

Chapter 30:  We start off following Boiny and Cohl who are trying to get into the hall of the summit.  With some observations, they find a way into the hall.  We then follow Senator Palpatine, Sate Pestage, Kinman Doriana, and Senator Orn Free Taa.  They are watching the delegates from the Trade Federation who have entered the summit with droids.  They then discuss the abdication of King Veruna from the throne of Naboo.  They know that they will elect a new leader some time soon.  Taa then tells Palpatine that his companies have made significant amounts of money since the taxation on the Outer Rim trading and failed to report it to the Senate.  Taa then reveals that Bail Antilles has traced the money back to special interests.  He tells Palpatine he’ll let him know more when he knows more.  We then move to the point of view of Viceroy Nute Gunray.  We learn Sidious appeared to Gunray on a holoprojection informing him that a new droid would be added to his detachment and that he was to accept this droid without question.  The trumpets were about to start their fanfares.


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