‘Cloak of Deception’ – Chapter 27

“Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.”  I’m not sure what song that is from, but I absolutely agree with the artist.  It’s hard having a Monday school day when we just had daylight savings the previous day.  I was dragging, my kids were dragging, and I think even my principal (who is normally very chipper) was dragging.  Whoever invented daylight savings should be shot!  (Of course I know it’s Benjamin Franklin, but I don’t want to say anything against such a brilliant man)

Tonight’s musical rehearsal went well.  We got a LOT done with tonight’s rehearsal.  We got most of the sound system set up and I think we will be in great business by tomorrow.  I’m hoping that by tomorrow, I’ll have the entire tech crew here to work with and be able to have everything put together including lights and sound.

Tara had her second Daisy Scout meeting of the year tonight and she got a chance to make a shirt.  That made her happier than anything.  We ordered a pizza tonight because Heather simply did not have enough time to do anything else.  We went downstairs and caught up on some T.V. watching that we hadn’t caught up on from last week.  I started to work on my Helm’s Deep set for my LOTR miniatures game.  I decided that I will take some pics of the set and get them online here for tomorrow night.  I think you will be most impressed with the work that I have done already. (maybe you won’t be, but I hope you all are)

So it’s inevitable, time to talk about Chapter 27 of “Cloak of Deception” by James Luceno…..

Chapter 27 – We start this chapter out with Havac meeting up with Cohl’s five mercenaries, including Lope.  Havac talks to the mercenaries about how they will carry out their plan to execute Chancellor Valorum.  Havac gave them I.D. for them to act like Eriadu security.  Valorum is to be shot at the end of the third trumpet fanfare.  Then Havac reveals that they are not to actually shoot at Valorum.  Then Havac reveals that a special battle droid the he has designed will execute Valorum.  The mercenaries area distraction to the real killer, a battle droid that will enter with the Trade Federation delegation.  Next, we switch to the Jedi Knights.  Qui-Gon tells Obi-Wan that there is a unifying force on Eriadu, but it’s elusive to him as to who it really is.  Then Ki-Adi-Mundi informs Qui-Gon they have found Cohl’s ship with the ten customs agents tied up in the back.  They were lead to it through an anonymous lead.


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