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‘Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter’ – Chapter 11

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Well today was a Sunday much like any other.  We got up pretty early (especially considering we both stayed up until two this morning) and got the kids and ourselves ready to go to church.  We went to church and had a cool service with a lady that joined us from The Wyoming House, which is a children’s center not too far from our house that helps children that are displaced or are homeless, parentless (orphans), or need assistance.  It’s a really cool idea and I wish more places like this were around.  We came home and I changed and went outside to run the mower some more as I still didn’t get the second property mowed and I knew it would be hard because there are a lot of sticks and “stuff” to mulch up.  I got about three quarters of the way through that property until my neighbors on the backside came out and talked to me about how much work we’re doing and what we have done to the house.  They were impressed with how much work we’ve done in so little time.  I found out our neighbors apparently don’t get along very well.  Yet, Heather and I seem to get along with everyone.  Anyway, that neighbor offered to cut down some of the trees in the back yard and I told them that I had planned on taking all the trees down in the second parcel of property in hopes to give us enough space to have an above ground pool sometime in the distant future.  You know, when I’m seventy and no one wants to see me in a bathing suit anymore!  Ruth came out while I was talking to them and told me the Nascar race was about to start.  I went inside all excited.  I love Talladega because that race is never boring.  There is always bound to be some “bump drafting” in such a large race.  Well, after waiting for an hour, the race was finally called off due to rain.  In the meantime, I got some more work done on my Helm’s Deep set and finished cleaning the house from the past week. 

I also managed to get out SPECIAL EDITION #2 OF “THE JEDI COUNCIL SPEAKS” today, which can be found at:  It is really interesting and I think you may all find my review of “Ewoks:  The Battle for Endor” and my viewpoint on the oil industry interesting.

Tonight Heather and vowed to relax.  We watched “The Simpsons”, “War at Home”, “Sopranos”, and “Big Love” and went to bed.

Okay, time to talk about Chapter Chapter 11 of “Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter” by Michael Reaves…..


Chapter 11:  We start this chapter off by following Darsha Assant.  She is grappling with her embarrassment with telling the Jedi of her failure to accomplish her mission.  Darsha then takes a taxi to the Jedi Temple and decides she’ll visit Master Bondara and then face the council.  We then switch scenes to Darth Maul’s point of view.  Maul escapes the burning building quickly and heads for the shadows.  While there, Maul gets a comm message from Sidious.  Maul informs Sidious of the death of Monchar and inevitable change in plans in order to find Lorn Pavan and kill him.  While talking to Sidious, Maul realized his big mistake, he left behind the holocron.  Sidious informs Darth Maul that he disappoints his Master.  Sidious also informs Maul that he now has two tasks.  One is to kill Lorn Pavan and the other is to find the holocron.  Maul decided to wait a while fro the police to clear out and then head back to Monchar’s home in hopes to find the holocron.  We then switch to Lorn and I-Five exiting the just exploded building in a hurry.  I-Five informs Pavan that the holocron is encrypted and also reminds him they have very little time left on their bank heist scheme before they are caught.  That’s when Lorn Pavan reflects on Monchar’s body with the decapitated head.  He realizes the only weapon that could do that and cut a hole in a permasteel door is a lightsaber.  He informs I-Five that they have had a run-in with a Sith agent.  I-Five thinks it’s a rogue Jedi, but in either case they know they are now in serious danger.  Pavan wants to throw away the holocron crystal, but I-Five talks him out of it reminding Pavan that giving the Sith the holocron may save their life at a later time.  They decide to tak the holocron to the Hutt anyway.


‘Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter’ – Chapter 10

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This was an extremely busy Saturday.  I’ll openly admit that I got up very late this morning.  It wasn’t until 11 a.m. that Heather and I officially got out of bed and started our day.  Our children were very nice and let us sleep in.  It’s so great to have kids that understand when mommy and daddy are tired.  I was able to get outside and mow the lawn today.  It was a beautiful day and a great day to get outside to mow the lawn.  I began to realize how big our property really is.  I can’t mow the whole lawn with a push mower in one afternoon.  I spent three hours mowing and barely started the second parcel on our property.  I also found a mess of other things that need to be cleaned up in our back yard.  Our neighbors managed to talk to us today while I was out there and they were excited to see the people on this property actually taking care of the yard.

It got late and Heather had to go to work, which was fine with me.  I went downstairs and kept working on my Helm’s Deep set.  I have a feeling that Helm’s Deep will be done sometime in the near future.  I should be done with the painting stage by June and putting the finishing touches on this summer.  I’m excited to be able to keep working on it now that the musical is over.

Okay, it’s time to talk about Chapter 10 of “Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter” by Michael Reaves…..


Chapter 10:  We follow Lihnn as she sees Monchar leaving the bar with his bodyguard.  Lihnn sights Maul who is also following Monchar.  Lihnn layed back and ran through options in her mind.  We then switch to Maul’s point of view.  Maul feels the presence of another being with the Force (probably Mawhi Lihnn).  Maul watched Hath Monchar make his way to a unique area of living quarters.  We then switch points of view back to Lihnn.  She watches as Maul approaches the domicile.  She watches as Maul uses a lightsaber to cut a hole in the durasteel door.  This concerned Lihnn because she didn’t expect to have to deal with Jedi.  This made her more cautious in her duty.  We then switch to Lorn and I-Five as they make their way to meeting Monchar.  I-Five tells Pavan they have one hour and twenty-six minutes before their “stolen” cash is caught and straightened out.  I-Five suggests skipping small-talk, with Monchar and getting right to business.  We then switch back to Maul’s point of view as he busts the door to Monchar’s new quarters. We then switch to Lihnn’s point of view as she scours the building with her blaster drawn.  We then switch back to Maul’s point of view.  Maul engages Monchar’s bodyguards and dispatches of them rather quickly and brutally.  Maul puts his lightsaber away, lowered his cowl and told Monchar they need to talk.  We then switch to Pavan and I-Five arriving at the residence.  Lorn noticed the hole in the front door, but I-Five tells him to ignore it.  We then switch back to Maul torturing Monchar for information.  Monchar lets Maul know that only Pavan knows about the impending invasion.  Monchar also reveals that Pavan is showing up here to pick up the holocron.  Maul kills Monchar by cutting off his head.  Maul notices a safe on the floor and cuts it open.  As he does so, he is discovered by the bounty hunter Mahwi Lihnn, who has both blasters drawn.  Maul is caught unguarded but reacts quickly as Lihnn fires her twin blasters at him.  She drops her blasters in the foray, so she decides to user her wrist-rockets.  Maul dodged the rockets by cutting a hole in the outer wall and jumping to the streets below.  We then switch to Lihnn’s point of view where she is amazed at Maul’s ability to move so quickly.  By the time she realizes that Maul was gone, it was too late and the rockets had already been launched.  We then switch views to Lorn Pavan as he is knocked down by the impact of the explosion of the rocket.  Pavan wakes up in a daze and draws his blaster as he heads to the room where he was supposed to meet Monchar.  Pavan realized that Monchar had been killed and knew he had to get off the planet both because of the explosion and because of the bank-heist I-Five set-up on the computers.  As Pavan went out of the room, he stumbled acrossed the holocron.  He picked it up and ran down the hall as fast as he could.

‘Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter’ – Chapter 9

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Well, it was a busy Friday and well worth it.  We had our final performance for the musical tonight and the kids and tech crew did a wonderful job!!  It was a stellar and almost perfect performance by both cast and crew.  I was very proud of our kids and was almost bragging about them all night long.  After the performance, we went to “Ruby Tuesdays” as a staff (those involved in the musical) and had a wonderful time just socializing.  Heather went with me and for the first time in a long time we had an opportunity to have an “adult” night out.  We haven’t had that in a long time!!  It was nice and we may get spoiled having done it.  Ah, we probably won’t go out like that again until next year at this time.  Got home really late tonight (midnight) and crashed with Heather.

Okay, so here is the review of Chapter 9 in “Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter” by Michael Reaves……


Chapter 9:  We start by following Lorn and I-Five as they enter the Dewback Inn.  Pavan asks I-Five to leave as he is afraid that droids are not welcome.  Pavan sees a Neimoidian in the corner, but is strong armed by a Transdoshian as he goes to sit down with him.  Monchar introduces Pavan to his bodyguard Gorth, then they get down to business.  Then we switch points of view to Darth Maul.  Maul finds Monchar almost immediately, but is noticing that he is now talking with the human Lorn Pavan.  Maul decides that both will now need to die.  We then switch to Mahwi Lihnn’s point of view as she enters the Dewback Inn.  The bounty hunter recognizes Hoth Monchar almost instantly.  We then completely switch points of view to Darsha Assant.  Darsha is feeling lost now and wonders if Master Bondara had been right about her not being cut out for the mission.  Assant decided she would not call for help, but would get herself back to the Jedi Temple on her own accord.  We then switch back to Pavan and Monchar.  Hath Monchar informs Pavan of the impending blockade and also tells him all of the information is recorded on a holocron.  Monchar wants to sell the holocron for a half million Republic credits.  Pavan thinks it’s too much money, but agrees to an exhchange.  Mochar gives Lorn one hour to procure the funds and meet with I-Five and discuss how they are going to get ahold of that kind of cash in an hour.  I-Five then brings forward an idea of breaking into a bank electronically and do a phantom transfer.  Pavan decides it’s worth the risk and they set out to find a data transfer pad.

‘Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter’ – Chapter 8

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Tonight was the debut of our musical and the students did an incredible job!  There were some technical glitches, but the students kept chugging along which I was really impressed with.  It just shows how great a training they receive from the director and assistant director.  The first technical clitch came with the CD that we went to first use.  Evidently it was scratched and when we were playing it for the performance it started to skip.  Luckily we had a copy that was perfect and simply changed out the CD.  The other technical glitch was simply a mistake.  Our lead character’s mic pack managed to fall down his pants and into his pant leg and when he went to recover it, he accidentally switched it off.  So, that was easily solved at intermission by duct taping the button into place.  Tommorrow night we’re going to duct tape the pack to his body to make sure it doesn’t fall off.  Hey, every debut has it’s glitches and in the grand scheme of things, these were really minor.  We’ll be good tomorrow night.  My tech crew did a great job tonight and I was really proud of them.  Many of them said they would love to come back next year to help out and I hope that a few of them follow through on that offer.

Time to talk Star Wars and Chapter 8 of “Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter” by Michael Reaves….

Chapter 8:  We start this chapter off wtih I-Five waking up Lorn Pavan from a hangover.  I-Five uses some sound therapy to make the headache go away.  Then they both look at some messages they received while Pavan was in his alcohol-induced hangover.  One was from Yanth the Hutt about the holocron.  The other message was from a Neimoidian that said he had information and needed to talk to Pavan.  Pavan and I-Five agree they need to meet with him.  We switch to Mahwi Lihnn who as come up short looking for Monchar, but is heading to the Dewback Inn.  We then are with Darth Maul as he tails Lorn Pavan and I-Five.  Maul feels as his time and talents are being wasted by training on scum of the earth instead of killing Jedi, but knows he must do his Master’s bidding.  Pavan and I-Five enter a tavern with a rampant Dewback as a symbol.  Maul’s own senses were excited as he entered the tavern as well.

‘Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter’ – Chapter 7

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Okay, it’s Wednesday and it’s my night “off”.  Although, one of the mics was ruined at the rehearsal last night, so I spent most of my night trying to get it fixed.  I thought I had it fixed and found out today that it’s not fixed at all.  I’m a little frustrated as this wireless mic has never really seemed to work very well at all.  If you’re curious, the mic that is giving me a hard time is an Audio Technica Freeway Series Wireless Lavalier Mic.  If you’re ever looking for mics, DON’T buy one of these.  Even NADY’S have a better quality than these mics and are much cheaper for their impact.

I’m also exhausted today because Heather worked till two this morning as always and I had a hard time falling asleep without her in bed.  It always seems to happen on Tuesday nights especially.  Our pastor came over tonight and we had a great discussion.  He finally got a chance to check out our home and was amazed at how large our house really is.  A lot of people say that.  When you look at the front of the house, it looks like it might be a two or three bedroom home.  But when you look around the house, you see the two additions to the home and realize that it is really a four or even five bedroom home.  We got to bed late tonight (12 a.m.) and I’m not sure I wanted to do that considering that the musical’s debut is tomorrow night.  All well.

Time to talk about Chapter 7 of “Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter” by Michael Reaves…..


Chapter 7:  We start off this chapter back with Darsha Assant as she squares off against the Raptors gang.  Darsha scared the gang off by revealing her lightsaber, showing she was a Jedi.  As Darsha and Oolth regrouped they realized the skyhopper was no good and Darsha’s comlink was no good either.  Out of nowhere, a sniper begins to shoot at them.  In her scramble to get Oolth to safety they accidentally ran acrossed a nest of Hawk-Bats which swarmed over them.  Oolth lost his grip of Darsha and fell ten levels to the street.  Darsha fell as well, but managed to divert her gravity spiral to saver herself.  She was now alone with no communication, or transportation and having failed her mission.

‘Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter’ – Chapter 6

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Okay, well it’s Tuesday and the second day for the dress rehearsal of the musical this afternoon.  It’s not a half day which is going to make today tough.  I am just still exhausted from yesterday and getting home so late last night, but I should have known it was coming, but I was still a little unprepared for it.  Anyway, today was a good typical day in the classroom and the rehearsal seemed to go well for the musical tonight.  I am really looking forward to having the night off tomorrow night so that I can catch up on some sleep and getting some work done around the house.  I think I’ve figured out how to use the dry ice to create the smoke for the musical by the end of rehearsal tonight.  I’m going to just simply have to use more dry ice.  I guess the more is the better and the bigger the chunks the better off the smoke that I get.

Okay, onto talking about Chapter 6 of “Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter” by Michael Reaves…..


Chapter 6:  We start by following Hath Monchar in the tavern he is in.  He thought about disguising himself, but decided against it.  He then orders a drink.  We then switch scenes to Mahwi Lihnn, the bounty hunter hired by the Neimoidians.  She wears armor that doesn’t look like armor and is armed to the hilt!  Lihnn was at Monchar’s apartment on Coruscant.  She didn’t expect to find him there, but figured she’d get some leads.  She found nothing at the apartment, but decided to start searching local restaurants that sold Neimoidian food.  We then switch scenes to Darth Maul.  Maul grabs a taxi to the tavern where he thinks Monchar is.  Maul questions the bartender and finds out Monchar was in there an hour ago asking who he could sell information to.  The bartender tells Maul that he dropped the name Lorn Pavan.  Maul pressed the bartender, but he didn’t know where Pavan could be found.  Maul left the bar and began to think about how pain had become his instructor since he joined with Darth Sidious.  Maul decided that he would kill anyone to stop the leakage of the news of the blockade.

‘Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter’ – Chapter 5

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“Just another manic Monday” (okay, so I like to quote songs).  It really was a busy Monday for me and the cast of the musical.  We had a half day of school, but I did teach three of the four periods in the morning which made for a long morning.  My wife forgot to bring the costumes in this morning, which I think made the director of the musical a little nervous (rightfully so), so she brought the costumes in at the end of the day.  We also got fifty pounds of dry ice for the musical and we seemed to have a better practice today.  I’m really pleased with how the musical seems to be coming together.  I think the audience will be very entertained on Thursday and Friday night.  So, if you’re reading this blog and will be in the Binghamton area on Thursday or Friday night, head over to East Middle School to see Aladdin, Jr.  Okay, enough of my shameless plug for the musical.

Heather left the rehearsal early to take Austin and Tara to Scouts and then came back to pick up Ruth and I to go pick up pizza.  We got home around six thiry and ate dinner and Austin got dropped off around seven thirty and ate dinner and went to bed.  Heather had to go to the dance company she’s working for and do some work there for about a half an hour.  She got home and we crashed from nine p.m. on.  We barely stayed awake to watch “CSI:Miami” and then went to bed at 11.

I want to make two addresses to everyone who is reading these blogs.  First off, has changed their format.  I have some emails of people complaining that the “Read More” button is gone and the blog inputs are longer.  Yes, that is the case, but that is a choice that has made and not me.  Also, yes, I am putting out about five or six days at a time right now.  That is only happening because of me being at school each night until five or six o’clock for musical rehearsals.  I write my blog inputs on my free-time at school (which doesn’t happen very often) in Microsoft Word and then transfer it to the blog when I have an opportunity.  Anyway, when the musical is over, I will keep up with my day to day blogs (which will be after Saturday).

Okay, onto talking about Chapter 5 of “Darth Maul:Shadow Hunter” by Michael Reaves…..


Chapter 5:  We then switch to Darth Sidious.  Sidous thinks about how greedy the Jedi are with power and resolves the new Sith doctorine:  one master and one apprentice.  Sidious wanted nothing to get in the way of the fall of the Jedi, including Hath Monchar.  We then switch scenes to Darsha Assasnt in the Crimson Corridor.  Darsha takes her skyhopper into the deepest, darkest depths of Coruscant.  Darsha made her way to where the Fondorian, named Oolth, was hiding.  Darsha encouraged Oolth to move quickly.  Oolth warned her about a gang of vile villainy called Raptors.  When Darsha got back to her hovering skyhopper, they found the craft crawling with Raptor gang members.  Darsha acted quickly, bringing the gang under her control with a Jedi mindtrick, when out of nowhere, a scream rang out because Oolth was getting attacked in the shadows.  Darsha lost control of her mind trick and as she went to reach for her lightsaber, the members of the Raptors gang was on top of her.