‘Cloak of Deception’ – Chapter 22

Well, today was a rather ho-hum day.  Musical rehearsal went fine and I had a decent day myself.  I did not get back to my house until 5 p.m. like I will be doing for the next month for musical rehearsals.  However, when I got home, I had a nice surprise.  I flipped through the mail and in that, I received mail from “Who’s Who”.   For those of you that don’t know who “Who’s Who” is, they are an organization that recognize the best of the best teachers and students in a book titled “Who’s Who”.  I have had the honor of being nominated by one of my students for this past year.  By the way, if that student is reading this blog, “Thank you”.  I don’t think many people realize what it means to teachers to be nominated for such awards.  We don’t get a lot of recognition and it felt great for me to know that I got to some student somewhere.

In the same pile of mail, I found a letter from “Arrow Financial”.  And if you read my blog entry titled “‘Cloak of Deception – Chapter 14′” (published on 3/21/06) you know what company I’m talking about.  They actually sent a letter informing my wife and I that I would be off the “Check Systems Report” by the end of the week.  Holy crap!!! I can actually exist and open up a checking account again!  It’s about frickin time!!  Especially considering THEY were the ones who made the mistake!

Okay, on to my review of Chapter 22 of “Cloak of Deception” by James Luceno…..

Chapter 22 – We start off this chapter with Chancellor Valorum landing on Eriadu for the summit.  Upon landing, Valorum meets Wilhuff Tarkin, a srtict governor of Eriadu.  Valorum is also met by many Senate Guards, Sei Taria, Adi Gallia, and three other Jedi Knights.  Tarkin informs Valorum that there were riots over his need to come to Eriadu, so they rerouted his landing last minute.  Tarkin introduces Valorum to Lady Vandron of Asmeru and she informs Valorum the hostage situation on her planet has been resolved.  We then switch scenes to the Senate Building on Coruscant where Bail Antilles and Orn Free Taa where Taa tells Antilles there is a dilemma with Valorum’s proposition of taxation on the trade routes.  Taa then informs him that much of the money that will be reinvested in the Outer Rim will funnel through investors on Eriadu, of which Valorum is a member.  Antilles informs Taa he will investigate any improprieties.

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