‘Cloak of Deception’ – Chapter 21

Well, not as bad today as yesterday.  I am not so tired, but that is because I had to cancel my musical rehearsal because a majority of my students weren’t able to make it because of a concert they all had to perform at.  So, a plus for me.  I was able to come home and take some time and enjoy my day.

My youngest daughter is in her second day of her week-long in room punishment.  I’m not sure if it’s sinking in yet as to whether or not she has realized why she is stuck in her room for the week.  She, of course, is being punished for touching her brother/sister’s things last weekend and we have been having issues with her touching things she’s not supposed to.  So, when we come home every night, she goes to her room and spends the rest of the night in her room.  She is allowed to play in there, but she can’t listen to the radio (I took that away), can’t watch T.V. (doesn’t have one in the room), and has to eat dinner there.  I think she is actually starting get bored tonight.  She was back there just singing to herself.  Let’s see how she does the rest of the week.  The big question by Saturday is, “did she get the point”?

Okay, enough about that.  It’s time to talk about Chapter 21 of “Cloak of Deception” by James Luceno…..

Chapter 21 – We start this chapter back on the battle on Eriadu.  The slaves on the planet have joined the fight with the Jedi.  When out of nowhere, Qui-Gon’s Bith informant brings in other terrorists to help the Jedi.  The Nebula Front becomes split among those who attempted to kill Valorum and those who did not.  Just as the terrorists were able to secure one of the Cloak Shape Starfighters and get it into the air, a Judicial Lancet flies in from overhead.  Shortly after, the battle is won and the militants surrender.  Qui-Gon’s Bith informant informs him that it’s not over.  He tells him that Captain Cohl has a plan that he has left to execute.  Cindar shows up and tells Qui-Gon that it has something to do with Havac and the planet of Karfeddion.  Qui-Gon leaves for Karfeddion with Cindar.  We then change scenes to Boiny and Captain Cohl interviewing a hit-man named Lope.  Cohl and Boiny agree to hire Lope and then go back to thier new ship (which is NOT “The Hawk Bat”) and find Rella waiting for them there.  Cohl informs Rella of the plan to execute Valorum.  Rella tries to talk him out of it, and is unsuccessful, but decides to join the team.


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