‘Cloak of Deception’ – Chapter 17

Well, today is Friday, the weekend, YAH!!!  I almost felt like partying at the end of the day today.  This semester seems to be taking forever, even though the whole school year seems to be flying by.  BUT, there is only three weeks left.

Today’s concert went really well and it appears that I have all of the concert on video in my computer.  I’ll attempt to review it this weekend and try to cut and past it together if I can.  It may have to wait till next week or next weekend.  All in all, the concert went very well and I thought the kids did a great job performing.  We had quite a few staff members show up and some parents were there as well.  I was just excited over all.  It did make for a long and tough day, though.

I’m very buisy and I think this weekend I’m gonna add to the plight.  I have a due date for TJCS coming up on April 1st and I decided to do an audition both for myself and for my daughters for Jeff Roney’s “Voices” project.  Not that it will take a lot of time to put together an audition, but it won’t be easy as I’m dealing with my five year old and her inability to read.  But, so far, they seem to be getting the concept.

I think I finally got my video up on OurMedia and it should appear by tommorrow.  You can find that at:  http://www.ourmedia.org/node/192437.  It’s just a “mock” commercial for TJCS that I worked up in my last Visual Communicator class.  Also, I have now decided to enroll myself in a contest for a commercial for Firefox.  My kids and I sat down tonight to brainstorm the concepts and I think we are going to take most of the day tommorrow and actually follow through with the idea.   It seems simple in concept, but Ruth came up with most of the ideas.  She really is a bright kid!  So, tommorrow’s project will be to film our Firefox commercial.  I don’t care if we win the contest, it will just be fun to connect with my kids by working with them on the project.

Okay, onto discussing Chapter 17 of “Cloak of Deception” by James Luceno…..

Chapter 17 – This chapter starts in Valorum’s Galactic Senate chamber.  Jedi Masters Mace Windu and Yoda have agreed to meet with him.  Valorum informs the two Jedi Masters that they have traced the terrorists back to a world in the Senex Sector, known as Asmeru.  He informed the Jedi of his hope to contain the Nebula Front on that world and that he needed Jedi’s to accompany them to be successful on this mission.  They inform Valorum, of their concern over letting the Trade Federation develop an army, but they agree to consider the offer about Asmeru.  We then change scenes to the ship, the “Hawk Bat”.  Cohl and Havac are meeting.  Cohl informs Havac that Rella left, but that he’s in for the Nebula Front’s offer.  Havac then informs Cohl that his mission is to strike during the summit on Eriadu.  Cohl is concerned about the attempt on Valorum’s life and the fact that it has drawn attention to the Nebula Front.  He asks Havac to give him a new ship and to keep the Jedi preoccupied for the summit.  Havac garaunteed both.


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