‘Cloak of Deception’ – Chapter 15

Well, it’s officially hump day.  And what a day it was.  The kids I watch at lunch were completely out of control during the lunch hour.  It was on the verge of scary mob behavior.  I’m very excited because I recieved in the mail today my $5 copy of the VHS of “The Battle of Endor”.  I’m so excited that I believe that if I can watch and review it this weekend I will put a review of it on TJCS #4.  If not, I will come out with another Special Edition of TJCS just to review this movie.  I’m really curious to review this movie as I have actually never seen it before.

I am completely tired yet again today because Heather worked until two a.m. again this morning.  But I am starting to get used to stayint up late on Tuesday nights now and I think I’m actually physically and metally getting used to this concept.  So much so, that I actually look forward to Tuesday nights now, as I have found that “Fox” out here plays reruns of the show “Frasier” based on the life of Frasier Crane from “Cheers”.  I loved the show when it was on T.V. the first time around and I’m excited to see that it has made rerun syndication.  I forgot how much that show made me laugh and how wonderful the first seasons of the show were.

Speaking of TJCS, I started to record episode #4 today.  I should be able to get all of my recording done by this weekend and then have minimal editing to do for next week for a release on time.  I do hope that I can get the episode out on time by April 1st.  Now I don’t see why I won’t.

Okay, tonight it’s time to summarize Chapter 15 of “Cloak of Deception” by James Luceno…..

Chapter 15 – This chapter takes place at the Galactic Senate Medcenter.  Sate Pestage and Senator Palpatine meet up with the injured Chancellor Valorum here.  He also met Senators Orn Free Taa, Bail Antilles, and Com Fordox from Corellia.  They confirm that there is evidence that the Nebula Front made the attempt on Valorum’s life.  Palpatine believes Havac is responsible for the attempt on Valorum’s life, within the Nebula Front.  Valorum gets put into his room, guarded securely, when he requests the presence of Senator Palpatine.  Valorum starts to second guess his decision not to let the Nebula Front participate in the summit at Eriadu.  Palpatine suggests it’s time to ask the Jedi for help.  Next, we follow Sate Pestage as he plants the information on Senator Orn Free Taa’s personal computer.


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