‘Cloak of Deception’ – Chapter 14

Today seemed to be a little better as far as being buisy.  I had a chance to play with the band again today and we had a blast with the kids.  They are really sounding good and I think this band is really starting to mature.  They’re playing three songs for this coming Friday’s “Lunchtime Concert” that we’re putting on for the community/teachers/students.  We’re playing “Malaguena”, “Aladdin”, and “Into The West” which is from the Lord of the Rings, Return of the King soundtrack.  They’re some fun songs and I think the students sound excellent when they play them.  I seem to be less stressed out when I play with the students because I’m not working the lunch hour.

Things around the house are getting stressful, though.  Heather and I have been trying to deal with a personal issue that just won’t seem to resolve itself.  We opened up a checking account at “Charter One Bank” at one point in time to try and get away from “HSBC” because we were tired of all the fees that the big corporate bank was charging us.  Well, “Charter One” decided to start charging the same outrageous fees, so we decided to change banks again to a local bank that wouldn’t charge us all of these fees.  In the meantime, we moved money over and “Charter One” forgot to pay-off some of the checks we wrote out of the old account.  So, we got put on the “bounced checks” list through “Telechecks”.  Well, when we went to open up the new account, they wouldn’t let me put my name on the account because of the bounced checks at “Charter One”.  So, we went to “Charter One” to ask what was up (and this account is only two years old mind you).  They claimed they have no record of the account anymore and that they couldn’t help us out.  After some infighting and arguing, we found out that “Charter One” had sold the account to another company, “Oxford Financial” to collect the money because they claim they couldn’t get ahold of us (like I was hiding in some World War II bunker or something).  SO, we got ahold of “Oxford Financial” and arranged a settlement.  We asked for several statements over the course of a six month period and didn’t receive one of them.  We finally got one, and sent a payment out via money order to “Oxford Financial”.  Well, between the time we sent the money out and the time it got to “Oxford Financial”, they sold the account to “Arrow Financial”.  Well, when we went to apply for the loan for the house, the situation with “Arrow Financial” came up.  As part of our closing, we had to pay “Arrow Financial” twice as much as we payed “Oxford Financial” claiming we hadn’t payed the account.  All the while, my name has STILL been on the “Telechecks” report for bouncing checks (which is really NOT what happened!).  AND we still haven’t gotten word from “Oxford Financial” that we were marked as payed.  NOW, after six months of having the payment, “Arrow Financial” finally has us marked as being “payed”, yet, I’m STILL on the “Telechecks” report.  So, WE have to get a report from them and then send it to “Telechecks”.  Isn’t this their job?!!  Maybe I’m missing something, but I’m doing “Arrow Financial”’s job for them!!!!  Anyway, Heather and I went to the New York State Attorney General’s office to talk to them about getting our money back from “Oxford Financial” and were told that New York State would not take the case because the money amount was too small.  You know what, it may be small to them, but no amount of money is too small to me.  So, Heather and I have to fight “Oxford Financial” on our own to get our money back.

Alright, enough about my personal issues, it’s time to talk Star Wars and my overview of Chapter 14 of “Cloak of Deception” by James Luceno……

Chapter 14 – We start this chapter off following Qui-Gon as he walks through the Jedi Temple.  He reflects on his childhood in the temple and then his thoughts start wondering about Captain Cohl.  Adi Gallia joined him as he walked and informed him that there is evidence that Cohl made it back to the “Hawk Bat” at Dorvalla.  Then we change scenes to Valorum’s chambers.  Valorum is informed that there are demonstrations outside.  Some calling for the break-up of the Trade Federation and others against his taxation proposal.  Valorum is escorted through the protestors and reporters to his shuttle.  Next, Qui-Gon and Adi Gallia show up on the scene.  Qui-Gon senses a disturbance in the Force and Adi concurs.  Long story short, there was an attempt on Valorum’s life, Qui-Gon and Adi Gallia save him, but he is injured in the melee.


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