‘Cloak of Deception’ – Chapter 13

Okay, it’s Monday and it’s hard to believe the work week has officially started.  I had SMASH rehearsal tonight since I have my class on Visual Communicator on Thursday night.  I tried videotaping the rehearsal with my DigitalBlue Camera, but somehow I lost the footage.  All well.  I know it’s going to be a trial and error process.  I know that I’ll have to keep working on it until I get it right.  Someone suggested I try using Digital Blue’s software to do long recordings like that and then put the AVI or WMA file into Visual Communicator later.  That actually sounds like a good idea.

Scott from http://www.sheepguardingllama.com sent me a link to the cutest Star Wars based pic I’ve ever seen.  It can be found here:  http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2006/03/help_me_cuteove.html

Really, can anyone say no to a dog THAT cute?  I know I can’t!

Well, it’s another hectic week and things don’t look like they’re going to be any easier this week than it has been in previous weeks.  It just seems like my house is going to be stuck in “single car” hell!!  I still haven’t gotten my government check back for our tax return yet, and we put our tax return in on February 10th.  Of course, everytime we call we get the governmental answer, “it may take up to 11 weeks for your tax return to show up.”  Eleven weeks!!!  Damn, I thought my school has a lot of beurocracy and red tape, but the U.S. government is ridiculous!  Imagine the interest our government is making off of MY money while they hold it hostage over the next eleven weeks.  I propose a change in the system.  With computers the way they are today, the government should be able to return your money within a month.  I think if they can’t return your money in a month, then they should return it with the interest they made off of it for longer than that period.  RIGHT!!  I know I’m living in a dream world.  This is why I keep threatening my wife that I am going to become a politician someday.

Okay, so onto my talk about Chapter 13 of “Cloak of Deception” by James Luceno…..

Chapter 13 – This chapter goes back to Coruscant.  We get some back story about how Senator Palpatine and Havac got to know each other.  Havac meets with Palpatine and is upset that Valorum is having a summit on Eriadu, his home world, and the Nebula Front will not be represented.  Havac implies that he wants to buy his way into the Senate but states he can’t pay Senators with aurodium ingots as they will be traced back to him.  So Palpatine suggests he helps him exchange them into Republic Dataries.  Havac agrees.


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