‘Cloak of Deception’ – Chapter 10

Well, our frustration with the T.V. didn’t end last night after I blogged.  Heather and I did some research and found out that Walmart carries DVI cables.  So, Heather needed to go to Walmart to get peanut butter so I had her pick up the DVI cable to test the T.V.  She came home and we tested it, and sure enought, it STILL didn’t work.  What does this mean?  I believe this means that my T.V. is the problem and not the Cable line.  At least that’s what Heather and I can tell.

Heather went back to Rentway this morning and they agreed to look into the situation.  They looked it over and agreed to order a new T.V. that is the same model number.  They said we should get it in about two weeks from Monday.  I just want to have this whole HD thing behind me.  I’m beginning to agree with Scott from http://www.sheepguardingllama.com.  Scott commented recently that HDTV may be more hastle than it’s worth and I completely agree with him now.  And I’m a HUGE fan of HDTV.

I am feeling very tired today and have been sick all day.  I have a head cold, a post nasal drip, and I’m starting to loose my voice.  That’s a bummer as I wanted to record TJCS #4 part one this weekend and it looks like I may not have enough of a voice to make that happen.  This could potentially put production behind by at least a week or even more.  I will let all of you know if this does happen.  I hope to record some tommorrow anyway.

Okay, onto my review of Chapter 10 of “Cloak of Deception” by James Luceno…..

Chapter 10 – This chapter takes place on Dorvalla.  In this chapter we find Cohl’s team attempting to land on Dorvalla.  Cohl keeps expecting something to happen, but Rella can’t figure out what isit is.  The Dorvalla Space Corps. manages to push Cohl’s ship to the gournd using a Judicial Department Lancet, but shortly after Cohl’s crash landing, the “Hawk Bat” appears out of nowehre and lands next to the ship and picks up the crew.


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