‘Cloak of Deception’ – Chapter 8

Today was the last day for State mandated testing for Math.  Students and staff were on edge, but at least the testing is over.  Hopefully we can go back to a “normal” schedule tommorrow, but then again, what is a normal schedule anymore?  I’ve just decided that no one week during a school year can ever be normal.   There always has to be a million and one things going on, or it wouldn’t be school.

I came home today to the cable guy being in my house.  Heather said he showed up at 2:30 and had been working ever since.  He tested the line, replaced the HD cable box and all the cables and guess what, it STILL doesn’t work.  He keeps thinking it’s the T.V. but I keep telling him that it’s not the T.V. as the DVD player works on both HD hookups on the T.V. without any issues.  SO, it leaves it down to one issue.  The NEW HD box!  After the cable guy left, Heather and I discovered the “guide” and “info” components on the new HD box don’t work either.  Isn’t that a hint that there is something wrong with the box?  Well, tommorrow the cable guy is coming back with yet another HD cable box.  Hopefully this one isn’t broken either.  I’m getting sick of paying for a high end style cable line that I can’t even take advantage of.  Why am I paying for High Definition Television if Time Warner doesn’t have the support hardware or trained personnel to implement it?  I think that Time Warner has too much of a monopoly and they just don’t care about the customer anymore!!

Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox now.  Josh, I want to thank you for finding out what DVI is.  I could’ve Googled it myself, but I don’t seem to have enough time to think during the day much less research any new stuff.  I may look into getting a DVI cable for the new T.V. as it will make it easier for Heather as we won’t need to be switching “lines” on the T.V.  From what I can understand, this one cable will do it all.  Cool, finally someone got “female friendly”.

Onto our coverage of Chapter 8 of “Cloak of Deception” by James Luceno….

Chapter 8 –  This chapter takes place on Neimodia.  Nute Gunray is meeing with Hath Monchar and his legal counsel Rune Haako.  They discuss the loss of the ingots and the ship “The Revenue”.  However, Gunray informs them that they are following the orders of their beneficiary, Lord Sidious.  They then begin to talk over the subject with a hologram of Lord Sidious.  Sidious tells Gunray and the others to start preparing to build and order a droid army  Gunray says it wasn’t the time to do this (potentially) and Sidious responds by saying, “Not right?  It is your destiny.”  The Niemodians say they are concerned about the Jedi stepping in and Sidious tells them that the Jedi will only do what the Senate tells them to do.


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