Well, today was “work day”.  Although I must say that I felt like I didn’t do quite as much work as my father-in-law.  It was tough for me to sit back and watch a relative of mine do a bunch of work in a room in my house and not be able to help him out much.  I suppose I should probably get used to that as a homeowner, but I want to be hands on so much that I get myself involved in things I probably shouldn’t do.  My in-laws were supposed to stay the night tonight, but decided not to.  I’m kind of glad for that.  My house is a wreck as it is and it’s going to take us a week or two to get everything back in order and every moment we have to work is precious at this moment in time.

I have been personally excited as almost all of my “Lord of the Rings” miniatures painting is completed.  That means that for the first time since I started getting into this game I have no actual miniatures to paint.  Of course I’m waiting to get more.  I was supposed to have $150 to go to Syracuse with and buy more miniatures at Christmas time.  However, I opted to wait until March to do that to help the family save up for insulation for the winter.  That has turned into, we need to get our second car on the road and catch up from repairing our furnace.  My feeling at this point is that I may not be heading up to Syracuse until sometime in July or August.  Bummer!!  That means I have nothing to do with my hands while I watch T.V. for the next few months.  That’s hard for me to do.  My wife sews while she watches T.V. and I paint.  It’s kind of our habit or addiction, if you want to call it that.  Now I don’t know what I’ll do!

Anyway, onto why we’re all here.  Time to talk about R2D2’s role in The Revenge of the Sith…..


R2D2:  ******* (7)

There is no doubt in my mind that R2D2 is one of the most thought out characters in Revenge of the Sith.  It becomes apparent to me that R2D2 was intended to have a significant role in the movie both as a support character and as a member of the storyline.  Especially when you look at his role in the beginning of this movie.  The whole space battle with the Buzz Droids centered on R2D2’s ability to handle a buzz droid on his own.  He was able to defend Anakin’s ship and to stave off certain anhilation by protecting himself and the Jedi Starfighter.  Then R2 became a leiason to Anakin and Obi-Wan while on Grievous’ ship between the Jedi and the computers they needed to run.

R2D2’s humor at the beginning of this movie added to his importance to the plot line and the movie storyline.  Without some of the humor from R2, this movie would have been too dark and too mystical for any one person to handle.  It would have been entirely about Anakin’s fall to the dark side of the force.  However, with R2’s interjection, the movie actually has some lighthearted moments.  My two favorite moments from R2 happen in the beginning of this movie.  The first would be when R2 deals with the Super Battle Droids by spilling oil all over them and them burning them by firing his rockets on the oil.  It just seems ridiculous that R2 would be able to do that, yet he does!  My other favorite moment in this movie is when Anakin says that he and Obi-Wan say they need to have patience and then we see R2 come flying into the picture “screaming the way that R2 screams in all of the other movies.  I just found this kind of funny!  Maybe it’s my weird love for dry British humor, but I thought it was a nice interlude.  Although I must say that R2 dissappears toward the end of this movie.  We don’t see R2 much after the beginning of this movie.

This is a contention that I have with the concept that Lucas presented years ago.  He contends that Star Wars is supposed to be from the point of view of R2D2 and C3PO, yet there are many points in the storyline where neither of these droids is present or one of them is missing.  If this is the case, then George hasn’t really sold the concept.

Well, even with this obvious omition of George’s claims, I still think that R2D2 was awesome in this movie.  I still want to know how a droid that is able to do all of this is still very limited in his movements by the time ANH or ROTJ comes around.  It’s just disappointing changed in R2.  Anyway, I give R2 a…..


R2D2:  ******* (7)


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