General Grievous

Still tired today!  Man, it’s so hard when Heather is working till 2 a.m.  I just don’t personally get to sleep until about 1 a.m. or so, and that’s just out of sheer exhaustion.  I can’t sleep because I am so worried about Heather getting home from work.  I know, that just makes me a “worry wart”, but I just can’t help but worry about her.

Work was relatively normal today and not much happened at home.

To clarify some info for my readers out there.  I have received several emails that have said that the dates on my blogs are messed up because they get an update about a blog and it’s dated three or four days ago.  I want to remind all of you that I have discovered that I can “back date” my blog posts.  So, I may be posting my comments from Monday on Thursday if I get behind in my blog.  So, it may happen, don’t let it surprise you when it does.  Just wanted to clarify that.

Friday I have a half-day at school and my kids are home the whole day, so this weekend seems to be a little freer than any other weekend we have this month.  With that in mind, I plan on catching up on some grading and some Star Wars projects that I have been working on.  Including getting TreBor Gah’Kor’s backstory on paper.  By the way, if you haven’t checked it out, go to and look under the “Catch a Falling Star” section and click on the TreBor Gah’Kor name to go to the fan fiction I’ve created (up until now) about his backstory.  I think I’m going to write it out as a piece of fan fiction first, then decide how I want to write out the script from there.  I know I’ll have to break it up into several shows, just like I’ll have to break the writing up into several chapters, maybe even books.

Okay, so now it’s time to talk about General Grievous’ role in The Revenge of the Sith….


General Grievous:  ******** (8)

General Grievous was one of the few characters that I have been split on my decision about.  When I first heard about Grievous (through the “Clone Wars” cartoon), I was excited about this character.  Until I realized that there were some intricacies of having such a character around.  For example, what the heck is General Grievous?  Is he a robot, is he  a creature, is he a cyborg?  There just seems to be a lot of questions about this character that are neither answered in the movie and partially answered in books, comics, and cartoons.  But, I do like how the character is portrayed in the movie.


Grievous was a highly developed character through this movie and the fact that he was entirely computer generated also blew me away.  It just seems that Lucas takes his special effects to a new level with every movie that he gets involved in.  It just blows me away to think that a lot of the robots and creatures in these movies didn’t even really exist, they were computer generated and a bunch of voices.


Speaking of voices, how about the voice acting of Matthew Wood?  He was basically just a sound editor before this movie and did a great job voice acting for General Grievous.  I think he should voice act for the other Clone Wars Cartoon T.V. shows.  He did an incredible job with a character that had to inflect tones, but show little reaction and emotion in his words.  I think that is the hardest form of voice acting to work with.  It has to be interesting and dull at the same time.  Tough stuff to do without acting lessons or some serious experience.


I still have many plaguing questions about this character that I’m sure will get answered when I read “Labryinth of Evil” by James Luceno (or at least that is what my friends keep telling me).  Some of the questions that plague me include, why does Grievous seem to have a cold throughout this movie?


There is a serious matter that needs to be addressed, however.  I don’t think anyone has discussed or even brought this topic up before this point.  Yoda says earlier in the Star Wars series (“The Phantom Menace” I think) in reference to the Sith, “two there always are.  No more, no less.”  However, we break this rule in The Revenge of the Sith with the existence of General Grievous.  Now, count with me.  At the beginning of this movie, and during the Clone Wars, this is true.  The Sith involved are Count Dooku, Darth Sidious, and General Grievous.  That’s right, if you count correctly, that means there are THREE Sith in this movie.  Because, as Grievous says, “I have been trained in the Jedi Arts”.  So, the question is, is he trained as a Jedi or is he trained as a Sith?


Okay, so there are many questions I have about this character, but I liked the character in the movie.  I think Grievous made a profound influence in the movie, and I think it is interesting that Obi-Wan had to kill him using a blaster.  I also liked the use of his spinning arms and the lightsaber blades.  All of this plus the voice acting made the character more interesting than he could have been.  This character could have been very boring and very confusing, but in reality was written in as a character with intrigue, which is what I hope was George Lucas’ goal with Grievous.  With all of this in mind, I gave General Grievous a:…..


General Grievous:  ******** (8)


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