Count Dooku/Darth Tyrannus

Today was a Monday like any other Monday.  Well, sort of.  Today was quite buisy for me.  I had to contend with some “student issues” at school and made a ton of phone calls as many of my students did not turn in a two week report.  That gets annoying at times because the students that do well are the ones who are organized enough to return the report on time.  The students who need the report are the ones that I end up calling home for.  All well, such is the life of a teacher.  I guess I should not be surprised.

I had a technology workshop that I was all excited about tonight.  I am taking a workshop on Visual Communicator.  The cool thing about the workshop is the fact that we get a copy of Serious Communicator and a mini Digital Blue camcorder in leu of pay.  I was so excited going into this workshop tonight and they spent the entire evening talking about the program.  I got real excited!! And then we found out we won’t get either the program or the digital camcorder until next week.  BUMMER!!!  I was hoping to play around with the program tonight and the camcorder tonight as well.  The camcorder wasn’t quite what I expected (it only takes 4 min. of independent video), but it does do streaming video which may be cool to work with.  The really cool thing is the fact that Visual Communicator comes with a green screen.  So, all you Star Wars geeks out there, you know what I’m thinking!!  It’s time to start thinking about a Star Wars fan audio production using a streaming video camera and my new software!! God, I love technology!!!

Okay, onto talking about our new subject tonight, it’s time to start talking about the “bad guys” in Revenge of the Sith, and tonight we’re going to start with Count Dooku…..


Count Dooku:  *** (3)

Okay, I really didn’t expect to see Count Dooku in The Revenge of the Sith.  Why?  Well, I have to say he’s the weakest Sith character that I have ever seen in the Star Wars universe.  I know others think this character was cool, but I just saw no point to him in the last movie and his limited role in this movie is even more pointless!!!  To make matters worse, they never referred to him in either movie using his Sith name.  If you didn’t know any better, you wouldn’t even know that his Sith name was Darth Tyrannus.  I would fully expect with a name like that, that we should be scared of this Sith.  In reality, I almost laughed at this geriatric-type Sith.  I think he was even older than Palpatine himself.

Anyway, Dooku starts the movie off with an interesting fight between him and Anakin and Obi-Wan.  I was actually partially impressed with his abilities in this scene.  Just the simple fact that he dispatched one Jedi and gave another a decent run for his money says something for his powers.  But let’s face it, it’s Anakin and he had no shot in hell to actually win this battle.  The scene that occurs after is seeing Dooku get decapitated.  I guess it’s a fitting end for such a bad Sith in the Star Wars universe.  Ironic, ain’t it?  Don’t you think that Tyrannus would have the foresite to see himself getting killed by Anakin and being replaced?  I mean, if he’s that powerful and all.  But hey, Anakin couldn’t seem to see his future very well, and neither could Luke or the Emperor, so why should it change now?  Taking all of this into account and the lack of back-story on this character, still, I gave Count Dooku a:…..


Count Dooku:  *** (3)


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